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The Hack Mechanic
Guide to European
Automotive Electrical Systems
Technical Reference $49.95 0
Physics for Gearheads

An Introduction to Vehicle Dynamics, Energy, and Power
with Examples from Motorsports

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Performance $79.95 0
Antique and Classic Cars -
Their Maintenance and Operation

Book Two of Antique & Classic Cars

Automotive History $34.95 0
Racing Car Design and Development

Performance $39.95 0
The Restoration of Antique and Classic Cars

Book One of Antique & Classic Cars

Automotive History $34.95 0
Corvette Illustrated Encyclopedia

Technical Reference $19.95 1109
The Official Ford Mustang 5.0

Technical Reference and Performance Handbook :

Technical Reference $49.95 1117
Road & Track Illustrated Automotive Dictionary Technical Reference $24.95 1175
The Leading Edge

Aerodynamic Design of Ultra-streamlined Land Vehicles

Technical Reference $49.95 1175
Chassis Design

Principles and Analysis

Technical Reference $79.95 1175
The V12 Engine

The Technology, Evolution and
Impact of V12-Engined Cars:

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Automotive History $79.95 1304
Automobile Year 2006-2007

No. 54

Automotive History $79.95 1375
Ferdinand Porsche-
Genesis of Genius

Road, Racing and Aviation Innovation 1900 to 1933

Automotive History $99.95 1375
Ferdinand Porsche-
Genesis des Genies

Strasse, Rennen und Luftfahrtinnovation 1900 bis 1933

Limitierte Auflage
von 300 Stück

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Automotive History $199.95 1375
Equations of Motion -
Adventure, Risk and Innovation

An Engineering Autobiography

Also available as a hardcover signed first edition, while supplies last.

Automotive History $24.95 1375
Equations of Motion -
Adventure, Risk and Innovation
Limited Signed Copies

Automotive History $69.95 1375
Volkswagen Sport Tuning for Street and Competition Performance $34.95 1608
Civic Duty

The Ultimate Guide to the World»s Most Popular Sport Compact Car - the Honda Civic

Performance $29.95 1610
The Design and Tuning of Competition Engines Performance $39.95 1675
New Directions in Suspension Design: Making the Fast Car Faster Performance $34.95 1675
Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems

Third Edition

Performance $36.00 1675
Race Car Aerodynamics

Designing for Speed

Performance $39.95 1675

Design, Testing and Installation of Supercharger Systems

Performance $39.95 1675
Maximum Boost

Designing, Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems

Performance $34.95 1675
The Sports Car: Its Design and Performance Performance $39.95 1675