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The Restoration of Antique and Classic Cars

Book One of Antique & Classic Cars

by Richard C. Wheatley
with Brian Morgan

Hardcover, 5 1/2 in. x 8 1/2 in.
208 pages
65 illustrations and photographs
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0135-9
Price: $49.95

The classic book on the overhaul and restoration of vintage cars

The Restoration of Antique and Classic Cars by Richard C. Wheatley and Brian Morgan is an essential handbook for the automotive enthusiast who owns or is acquiring a car in need of restoration. The descriptions and precepts found inside generally apply to vintage cars; in particular they are applicable to cars of the pre-WWII period.

The purpose of this comprehensive book is to enable the amateur to restore their car to its original or "Show Model" condition. The reader is advised on the choice of a car to restore, its dismantling, the treatment of the frame, suspension, steering, axles, brakes and wheels, and on the rebuilding of the engine and gear box. There are also chapters devoted to the fuel system, controls and instruments, electrical equipment and wiring, the body frame and covering, body painting, coach trimming, special finishes and the garage and workshop. All of the illustrations, working drawings, diagrams and photographs have been specially prepared.

The Restoration of Antique and Classic Cars was originally published in the United Kingdom in 1958 under the title The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars. Today, Wheatley and Morgan's book, along with its companion volume Antique & Classic Cars: Their Maintenance and Operation (available separately), is justifiably considered to be a classic and informative description of the work involved in overhauling and restoring antique and pre-war British cars.

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Page 99
Fig. V. The instrument panel made for a rebuilt car, showing the "reproduction" instruments and lamps, and the mottled finish.
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Upholstery - Page 149
Fig. 44. Replacing a pleat.
Restoration Antique & Classic Cars
Restoration Antique & Classic Cars
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ISBN: 978-0-8376-0135-9 (ISBN-13)
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