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Civic Duty

The Ultimate Guide to the World's Most Popular Sport Compact Car - the Honda Civic

by Alan Paradise

Softcover, 7 7/8 in. x 10 3/8 in.
256 pages
144 color and B/W photos
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0215-8
Price: $29.95

The Honda Civicits been called the 55 Chevy of the 90s and recognized as the leader of the import sport compact car phenomena that is sweeping the country. If you dream of owning a tricked out Honda or already have a Honda Civic, CR-X, or del Sol and want to make it fly or just look like it can, this book is for you!
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Honda-style scallop paint job
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"In Civic Duty, Alan Paradise has put together a bible for the Honda Civic owner interested in hot rodding this popular compact car...

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March 28, 2001

Civic Duty covers Honda Civic modification from the mechanical to the artistic with chapters on:

  • Suspension modifications for street, strip, or tracksprings, shocks, bushings, anti-roll bars, strut tower bars, wheels and tires.
  • Bolt-on performanceair induction systems, cam timing andView picture detail overdrive pulleys, headers, exhaust systems, ignition, and ECU technology.
  • Hard core engine modificationcomplete engine swap View picture detailinformation that tells you which are the best and easiest swaps and which are the ones to avoid, pistons, head work, cams, engine building tricks, supercharging vs. turbocharging, and nitrous.
  • Getting the power to the pavementclutches and flywheels, differential, and shifters.
  • Brakingpads, rotors, and discs all around.
  • Exterior interior styling  exterior styling View picture detailcomponents (including rear deck wings) and a chapter on exterior graphics.
  • Interior designseats, door panels, gauges, and cages.
  • Performance drivingroad racing and autocross, drag racing, and driving schools.
  • Finding and starting a Honda club.
  • The history of the Civic with photos of the various models
Written by Alan Paradise, the import performance pioneer and creator and original editor of Sport Compact Car magazine, Civic Duty gives you the answers! In addition to providing the specs and costs involved in building the ultimate sport compact, Alan lays out his unique build by subtraction method of intelligently deciding how to select and build the right Honda for youthe one that will give you the most satisfaction with the least amount of pain to your bank account.
Civic Duty
Civic Duty
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