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Race Car Aerodynamics

Designing for Speed

by Joseph Katz, Ph.D

Softcover, 7 7/8 in. x 10 3/8 in.
316 pages
285 photographs and illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0142-7
Price: $49.95

New Directions in Race Car Aerodynamics is the first book to summarize the secrets of the rapidly developing field of high-speed vehicle design. Over the past 15 years, author Joseph Katz has been involved with aerodynamic development in the most competitive areas of motorsport today.

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Chapter 6 - Aerodynamics of the Complete Vehicle

From Formula One, to Indy Car, Drag and Sedan Racing, this book provides clear explanations for both engineers who want to improve their design skills, and enthusiasts who want to understand how their favorite cars go fast.

Katz explains:

  • How aerodynamics win races.
  • Why downforce is more important than streamlining and drag reduction.
  • Designing wings and venturis-what works and what doesn't.
  • Wind tunnel designs, methods and results-what you can and cannot believe.
  • Full definitions of terms, with equations and examples provided for determining key aerodynamic parameters like drag, lift and side-force coefficients, fluid viscosity, or wind-tunnel corrections.
  • Numerous examples using specific race cars, passenger-based prototypes, and open-wheel designs.
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Use of smoke trace for off-body flow visualization in the wind tunnel test section.
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Typical application of small, flat-plate downforce devices, used on various race cars.
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One approach for mounting a wind tunnel model using an elevated ground plane technique. The aerodynamic loads are measured by the scale mounted under the tunnel.
Race Car Aerodynamics
Race Car Aerodynamics
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