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Untitled automotive physics project Performance TBD 0
Racing Car Design and Development

Performance $39.95 0
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics: Problems, Answers and Experiments

Technical Reference 69.95 1175
Chassis Design

Principles and Analysis

Technical Reference $79.95 1175
Race Car Vehicle Dynamics

Technical Reference $99.95 1175
The Leading Edge

Aerodynamic Design of Ultra-streamlined Land Vehicles

Technical Reference $44.95 1175
Alex Zanardi -
My Sweetest Victory

A Memoir of Racing Success, Adversity and Courage

Automotive History $24.95 1375
The Racing Driver

The Theory and Practice of Fast Driving

Automotive History $24.95 1375
The Speed Merchants

A Journey through the World of Motor Racing, 1969-1972
The Drivers, The Cars, The Tracks

Automotive History $89.95 1375
Gurney's Eagles

The Exciting Story of the AAR Racing Cars

Automotive History $27.95 1375
Juan Manuel Fangio

Motor Racings Grand Master

Automotive History $49.95 1375
The Inside Story Of The Fastest Fords

The Design and Development of the Ford GT Racing Cars

Automotive History $52.95 1375
CAN-AM Racing Cars

Secrets of the Sensational Sixties Sports-Racers

Automotive History $29.95 1375

CAN-AM Racing Cars from Texas

Automotive History $24.95 1375
Indy Cars of the 1940s

Automotive History $24.95 1375
Indy Cars of the 1950s

Automotive History $19.95 1375
Indy Cars of the 1960s

Automotive History $24.95 1375
Indy Cars of the 1970s

Automotive History $24.95 1375
Novi V-8 Indy Cars: 1941?1965

Automotive History $21.95 1375
Cunningham Sports Cars

American Racing Legends 19511955

Automotive History $24.95 1375
Alberto Ascari

Ferrari»s First Double Champion

Automotive History $49.95 1375
Bruce McLaren

Life and Legacy of Excellence

Automotive History $39.95 1375
Emerson Fittipaldi

Heart of a Racer

Automotive History $39.95 1375
Jackie Stewart

Triple-Crowned King of Speed

Automotive History $49.95 1375
Going Faster!

Mastering the Art of Race Driving

Performance $34.95 1675
Sports Car and Competition Driving Performance $24.95 1675
The Design and Tuning of Competition Engines Performance $39.95 1675
New Directions in Suspension Design: Making the Fast Car Faster Performance $34.95 1675
Scientific Design of Exhaust and Intake Systems

Third Edition

Performance $36.00 1675
Race Car Aerodynamics

Designing for Speed

Performance $34.95 1675
Think to Win

The New Approach to Fast Driving

Performance $24.95 1675

Design, Testing and Installation of Supercharger Systems

Performance $39.95 1675
Maximum Boost

Designing, Testing and Installing Turbocharger Systems

Performance $34.95 1675
The Sports Car: Its Design and Performance Performance $39.95 1675
The Technique of Motor Racing

Foreword by Juan Manuel Fangio

Performance $42.00 1675