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Sports Car and Competition Driving

by Paul Frère

Softcover, 7 in. x 9 1/4 in.
156 pages
78 photographs and illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0202-8
Price: $44.95

Le Mans winner, Grand Prix driver, and the former Road & Track European editor's
classic motorsports reference book

Foreword by Phil Hill

First published in 1963, Sports Car and Competition Driving sold tens of thousands of copies, establishing it as a standard reference on driving. In this edition, newly revised in 1992, Frère builds on the strengths of the original by explaining how to meet the new challenges posed by radical new developments in automotive technology.

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Paul Frère's Dos and Don'ts of Sports Car and Competition Driving

What separates Frère's book from other driving texts is his unique blend of theory and practice, based on a career as racer and trained engineer: Memorable, resonant observations on how to go faster combined with sophisticated discussions of the physics that govern a car.

With 78 photographs and illustrations, Sports Car and Competition Driving is required reading for all those interested in racing or in becoming a more masterful road driver.

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Chapter 4: From Slipping to Sliding - Fig. 44
Le Mans is not always easy. Here I come back to the circuit after misjudging the braking distance under poor weather and visibility conditions. 1st place, however, was not lost in the process.
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Chapter 8: Speed and Safety - Fig. 68
Rain does not call for a basically different driving technique. The only difference is that grip is reduced, calling for more delicacy when accelerating and braking, reduced cornering speeds and care to avoid pools of water likely to cause aquaplaning. The by far biggest problem is the lack of visibility caused by the sprays raised by preceding cars.
Sports Car & Competition Driving
Sports Car & Competition Driving
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