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Think to Win

The New Approach to Fast Driving

by Don Alexander

Softcover, 8 in. x 10 in.
272 pages
254 illustrations and diagrams
Ford SVO Part No. M-1832-Z3
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0070-3
Price: $49.95

Think to Win - Driving techniques from racer Don Alexander

Foreword by Mark Martin

Author, racer and Circle Track magazine editor Don Alexander helps you develop powerful mental skills like visualization, anticipation, concentration, and setting priorities. These skills add speed and drop lap times, but can be difficult to master without the right guidance.

Think to Win brings new insight to basic but demanding driving activities like accelerating, turning, and braking. Learn how to manage weight transfer, save tenths of seconds in qualifying, take segment times in a corner to identify and correct mistakes, even how to communicate with your crew to fix handling problems.

No matter whether you're racing on paved oval tracks, dirt tracks, speedways, or road courses, Think to Win will help you to become a faster, winning driver.

If you're a race fan, Think to Win will give you a whole new perspective on what it's like to drive a Winston Cup car. As Mark Martin puts it, "Don helps you understand the challenges we face out there so you can answer your friend when he turns to you and says, 'Man, why doesn't he just pass that guy?' "

Whether you're a dedicated enthusiast or a serious engine/chassis designer, in Think to Win you'll find definitive, useful information on the design and building of performance automotive systems.

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Chapter 4: Physical Skills - Driver Outputs - Fig. 4-25
Dirt tracks allow for more wheelspin. On a dry slick track like this one, excessive wheelspin is slower. But on a tacky track, wheelspin can help accelerate the car.
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Chapter 11: The Race - Passing (Attacking) - Fig. 11-21
One of the most effective ways to pass is the pick set-up, using slow traffic as a pick. Anticipation is the key element to this pass.
Think to Win
Think to Win
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ISBN: 978-0-8376-0070-3 (ISBN-13)
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