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Four Lolas-T70, T152, T163, T150:
The Exclusive Lola Deal (Four Cars, Few Wins)
From Chapter 15 of the original edition of The Unfair Advantage:

"In 1969 Roger Penske decided that we were no longer going to race someone else"s used or year-old design car as we had with the McLaren M6-B. He was trying to tie up Eric Broadley"s Lola factory as McLaren had done with his own race car operation. The trouble was that Roger didn"t have a very strong position to deal from and Broadley wasn"t that tieable. We did get a few privileges, though, such as the use of a four-wheel-drive Indy Lola that never did very well, and a special lightweight Can-Am Lola that was unsuccessful. And we got one of two new Lola T70-Mk III coupes for the World Manufacturers Championship."