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Press Reviews for The Unfair Advantage

"...Many call Mark Donohue's The Unfair Advantage the best racing book ever written, and they would be correct."

European Car
November 17, 2015

"If you are interested in the era of American racing from the '60s and '70s, you may well enjoy Donohue's book. It's a few stories in one, and well worth a read. Previously out of print, the updated edition from Bentley includes a section of color photographs, along with reminisces from Donohue's contemporaries."

November 10, 2015

"This masterpiece is, by far, the single book that you should never find yourself without. "The Unfair Advantage" is what started me on my downward spiral of all-out automotive obsession, and certainly has shaped my desire to learn all I can about the history of sports car racing."

January 4, 2012

"No matter what type of motoring enthusiast you are, you will enjoy reading this book...

Toronto Star
January 20, 2002

"a . . . reading pleasure...

Ferrari World
April 2001

"The phrases "it's back" or "but wait, there's more" rarely turn out to mean anything good. But in this case, the return of The Unfair Advantage means everything good...

April 2001

"Bentley Publishing brings back a book to introduce a singular American motorsports hero to a new generation of racing fans...

February 2001

"Donohue tells . . . the story of how racing became a science as well as a sport...

February 2001

"The 25th anniversary edition of The Unfair Advantage brings back the long-sought-after title and adds more than 100 new photos, including a 32-page color insert...

Hot Rod
January 2001

"...a gripping history of sports cars and road racing...

Los Angeles Times
December 6, 2000

"...must-read titles...

November 20-26, 2000
Annual Holiday Gift Guide

"Highly recommended...

December 2000

"Donohue's book is a must-read...

LA Car.com
December 2000

"Several car books have been released recently, and one that really caught our eye is The Unfair Advantage...

Grassroots Motorsports
December 2000

"From his club racing days with a solid-axle Corvette and Elva Formula Junior to his involvement with the awesome, world-beating Porsche 917, Donohue's storytelling evokes a time when modestly funded (and talented) guys made good...

Sports Car Market
November 2000

"Donohue's sons, Michael and David, have now arranged another printing of the classic book. The new edition includes a section of color photographs, along with perceptive recollections from Donohue's contemporaries, edited by AutoWeek senior contributing editor Pete Lyons. Here is the opportunity to revisit a charmed period in American racing, and one of its most special personalities...

October 9, 2000

"...the reprint has to be a must-have bargain with an additional 32 pages of photos and comments by Donohue's contemporaries...

Victory lane
October 2000

Q&A with David Donohue...

LE MANS SERIES & Sportscar racer
October 2000

"It is a return journey that began in 1958, when he was, of all things, an engineering student at Brown University (and you thought all good drivers were Southern boys with home brew and lightning chases through the woods in their blood) and entered his 1957 Corvette in a hill climb in Belknap, N.H. The bugger won that race and kept winning ever after. And he did it with the soul of a true garage rat...

The Boston Globe
September 9, 2000