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Grand Prix Bugatti

by H.G. Conway

Hardcover, 7 in. x 10 in.
224 pages
127 B/W photos and illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0018-5
Price: $69.95

The story of the Grand Prix Type 35 Bugatti racing car, its origins, its design and creation, its racing history and its eclipse - and of some of its successors.

"H. G. Conway has set himself up as the Bugatti historian, as well as owning and driving some very choice examples of this exclusive marque - some say that he invented the Bugatti! Consequently, much is expected of anything he contributes to this subject."
- Motor Sport Magazine

The Grand Prix Bugatti has a strong claim to a book all of its own, with its enviable record of racing successes, its superb craftsmanship and, for the more mechanically minded, the great variety of its ingenious design features unique to the creations of the great artist designer, Ettore Bugatti.

Grand Prix Bugatti, originally written in 1968 by the preeminent Bugatti expert H.G. Conway, is devoted to the racing Types 35, 37, 43 and 51, in their various forms, and describes their anatomy in detail and their racing achievements. A schedule of individual models, in chassis number order, gives type number, factory date, brief history and where known, the owner (as of 1968); the appendices include tabulated specifications of the types.

Bugatti owners will also find much practical information to help them maintain their historic cars.

Extensively illustrated with contemporaneous racing photographs and technical diagrams, Grand Prix Bugatti is a classic reference book for anyone interested in the history of Bugatti racing and competition cars.

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Chapter 8: 1927 and the Type 35B
Emilio Materassi at the pits at the Spanish Grand Prix: the car still has small brake drums, and the tyres are once more Dunlop.
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Chapter 3: 1923 - Tours
Exposed cockpit of the Bugatti racers, showing the central mounting of the gear and brake levers.
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Chapter 13: Forty Years On
A Type 43 in the wet at Prescott Hill-climb.
Grand Prix Bugatti - Conway
Grand Prix Bugatti - Conway
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