John Nikas
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John Nikas

Raised in a household where cleaning up oil leaks from the driveway was part of his weekly routine from a tender young age, John thought that double clutching was the way that everyone learned to shift through the gears. From his first Triumph TR4A through a steady succession of British sports cars, John has long been fascinated with the history of the great British marques and the social, cultural and economic conditions in which they were designed, built, sold and raced.

John is a frequent contributor to several automotive magazines and received the 2012 Denise McCluggage Award. He is also an accomplished vintage racer, having won multiple class championships in various British sports cars. He was the overall champion for the inaugural Mille Miglia North America Tribute, and is a proud member of the Friends of Triumph, the Loyal and Ancient Order of the Sacred Octagon, the Austin-Healey Clubs of the United States and America, the Jaguar Driver's Club and the British Automobile Racing Club.

Often identified in newspaper coverage as "The Driver," John inspired thousands around the world when he piloted a 1953 Austin-Healey 100 more than 340,000 miles while visiting children afflicted by illness as part of his Drive Away Cancer campaign. His travels have been profiled in the New York Times and USA Today and been the subject of national network television coverage on dozens of occasions.