Rob Siegel
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Rob Siegel

Rob Siegel was hooked on BMWs from the time he was 13, when a college student gave him a ride in a '71 BMW 2002 with a license plate that said GEIST (German for "spirit"). He bought his first 2002 in 1982; he's up to 25 now and counting, though most of these have moved through his garage and back out into circulation in better condition than when he found them.

In 1984 he began writing for Roundel (the magazine of the BMW Car Club of America). His Roundel column, "The Hack Mechanic," has been published monthly since 1986. Rob writes about his own experiences with buying, fixing, and loving cars in the hope that his hard-earned wisdom (which he shares with equal parts hands-on tips and quirky humor) will help his readers' keep their own cars on the road with minimal trips to the dealer service department.

Though a few air-cooled VWs and Porsches have graced his garage, and a gaggle of Suburbans have hauled his stuff, his main poison remains 70s-era BMWs; the 1973 3.0CSi he has owned for 25 years is the black hole around which all other automotive bodies revolve. Rob is slowly coming to grips with the adolescent mindset that made him buy that '73 Triumph GT6+ when he was 18, and is still atoning for the powder blue '63 Rambler Classic he left by the side of the road in 1981.