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Audi: A History of Progress

Table of Contents

The early years (1899 -1918)
The birth of Audi
And then a Wanderer came along
DKW gets up steam
Horch - an overview
Audi - an overview
Wanderer - an overview

Growth between inflation and economic crisis (1919-1932)
Horch - quality and quantity
Audi - noblesse oblige
Wanderer - from tradition to innovation
DKW - forging the Auto Union
Horch - an overview
Audi - an overview
Wanderer - an overview
DKW - an overview

The sign of the Four Rings (1933 - 1945)
Audi’s new dynamism
DKW - the world’s largest motorcycle manufacturer
Horch - setting the tone in the luxury class
Wanderer in new guise
Motor sport
Audi - an overview
DKW - an overview
Horch - an overview
Wanderer - an overview
Motor sport - an overview

From a mountain of rubble to an economic miracle (1946-1964)
An end and a new beginning - the Four Rings in Bavaria
Liaison with the three-pointed star (1958-1964)
Auto Union in motor sport
Figures, facts and types
Auto Union - an overview

Bicycles instead of knitting machines (1873-1918)
Crises and triumphs between the wars (1919-1945)
From two-stroke motorcycle to Wankel-engined car (1945-1969)
NSU - an overview (1873-1969)

A new profile for the Four Rings (1965-1984)
VW, NSU and "elective affinities"
quattro - four wheels good
A new Audi sport tradition
Audi- an overview (1965-1984)

Soon to be the most attractive European on the world market (1985-2000)
Tackling new dimensions
Higher positioning, broader scope: the product programme
Motor sport successes as the century draws to a close
Audi - an overview