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Audi quattro: The evolution of All Wheel Drive Driving Forces Audi: A History of Progress (1996 Edition) Audi: A History of Progress
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Audi: A History of Progress

Audi: A History of Progress chronicles the fascinating history of Audi AG, from its beginnings in Germany in 1909 to its unique place in the market today. This detailed walk through Audi"s accomplishments covers all of the company"s changes through the years. The entire Audi "family tree" is examined in detail - Wanderer, DKW, Horch, Audi A697, Auto Union, NSU - their participation in motor sports, and biographies of the people who made the company what it is today.

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Audi: A History of Progress

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Audi quattro
The Evolution of Audi All-Wheel Drive
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