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". . . worth a spot on a car buff"s shelf"

New York Times
June 3, 2007

"Know your Wheels...

San Diego Westways
July/August 2004

"...try Road & Track"s Illustrated Automotive Dictionary...

Road & Track
April 2003

"A Lexicon Worth Knowing...

Toronto Star
January, 2001

"This book is sure to increase your automotive word power...

Car & Travel Monthly (AAA)
March, 2001

"... a worthy addition to any automotive enthusiast"s library...a welcome reference source for anyone with an interest in cars...

The [Willimantic, CT] Chronicle
December 4, 2000

"This is a very inexpensive book that can answer more than a few questions about old and new cars...

Sports Car Market
December, 2000

"Dinkel writes with the right combination of technical expertise and clear, concise language as he explains everything automotive...

Library Journal
October 15, 2000

"Even if you aren"t an enthusiast or an automotive writer, the book makes a useful tool for when your mechanic is talking over your head...

The Los Angeles Times
October 11, 2000

"...it packs a veritable truckload of definitions, explanations, tech terms, slang terms, charts, graphs, photos, and diagrams between its covers...

Drag Racer
November, 2000

A crucial book for those who don"t find technical and mechanical details as natural as breathing. In 250 pages there are thousands of entries explaining in layman"s terms just about every phrase that will ever arise about a car...

Classic & Sports Car
October, 2000

It [the dictionary] is truly a tour de force and John, one of the most knowledgeable tech guys I have ever met, provides easy-to-understand definitions throughout the 250 pages of the book...

Road & Track
October, 2000

If you don"t know an a-arm from zero-offset steering...you do need to read this book...

October, 2000