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The Leading Edge by Goro Tamai

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The Leading Edge by Goro Tamai - Table of Contents

Table of contents:

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List of Symbols


Introduction: A Short History of Streamlined Land Vehicles

1. General Aerodynamic Concepts

  • Significance of Aerodynamic Drag
  • Aerodynamic Drag Components
  • Drag Area
  • Trade-off Between Aerodynamic Drag and Vehicle Mass

2. Basic Fluid Mechanics

  • Some Fluid Fundamentals
  • The Boundary Layer

3. Aerodynamic Forces on Bodies

  • Streamlining Examples
  • Drag of Flat Plates and Bodies of Finite Thickness
  • Ground Effect
  • Aerodynamic Moments
  • Crosswind Effects

4. Vehicle-level Aerodynamic Details

  • Interference Drag
  • Drag of the Wheel System
  • Bubble Canopies
  • Nose Shape
  • Trailing-edge Thickness of the Main Body
  • Gaps and Seams
  • Effect of Surface Roughness on Skin Friction
  • Ventilation

5. Aerodynamic Drag of the Entire Vehicle

  • Construction of a Simple Aerodynamic Drag Model
  • Practical Aspects of Body Design
  • Testing and Development

6. Real World Examples

  • Successful Bodies and Their Development



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