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"An excellent review of the problem of low-drag ground vehicle aerodynamics, filled with references and design examples. It allows the reader to understand the issues involved and quickly come up with a preliminary design, leaving time for the oft-neglected detail work and testing."
Jacek Gromadzki, aerodynamicist
1997 University of Waterloo Solar Car Team

"The Leading Edge is an extensive treatise on the aerodynamics of streamlined land vehicles...It is a valuable contribution towards advancing the technology in this important field."
Mark Drela, Associate Professor
MIT Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics

"I wish I had access to this book when I was designing human-powered vehicles. While I've read a lot of the same references, this book pulls them all together and I might have done things a little differently."
Douglas Milliken, co-author of Race Car Vehicle Dynamics (SAE 1995)