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Goro Tamai
Goro Tamai received his B.S. (1993) and M.S.(1995) in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He joined the MIT Solar Car Team during his freshman year, and worked on a succession of cars, including the Galaxy, Solectria 5, 5x, and Aztec, and Manta, MIT's first Sunrayce car since 1990. His primary responsibility was in the design and fabrication of the chassis and body, but he also spent time in the drivetrain and battery groups. The author helped drive the Galaxy to a sixth-place finish in the 1990 GM Sunrayce USA, and the Aztec to two first-place finishes in the 1993 and 1994 Tour de Sol commuter class. He directed the development of the Manta, working with and 18-member team to construct the Manta in a year and a half, just in time for the Sunrayce 95 in Indianapolis. The team emerged victorious. Since graduating from MIT, the author has actively consulted with a number of solar and electric racing teams. He currently works in the automotive industry in Michigan, USA.