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Partial Table of Contents - Chapters

1. Paris Exhibition - Lohner - First Racing Porsche:

Electric chaise, Electric hub motors, Lohner-Porsche chaise.

2. Porsche's Origins:

Apprentice tinsmith, Electrical experiments.

3. At Bela Egger - Lohner - Semmering Record - War Vehicles:

First racing car, the Archduke's chauffeur, war vehicles.

4. Austrian Daimler - Mojo -Mercedes:

Mixed drive, Airship and Aeroplane engines, Aircraft engines, Future projects, Prince Henry trial, Skoda, War vehicles, Karl Rabe.

5. Nationality - Postwar Designing - Sascha:

Porsche's interests, Sascha, Stop racing, Porsche leaves.

6. Porsche goes to Daimler - Stuttgart:


7. Targa Florio:

Targa Florio, Winning the Targa, Racing.

8. At Daimler-Benz:

Mercedes, Caracciola, Daimler-Benz.

9. Steyre - Founding of Design Office - Rosenberger:

Steyr, Design office, Wanderer.

10. Zundapp Volksauto - Tho Russians - State Designer:

Russian approach, Russia, State designer, People's car, Decision.

11. N.S.U. - Typo 32 - Torsion-bar Springing - Air Cooling - VW3 and 30:

Torsion bar spring, Air cooling, People's car concept, VW3, VW30, KDF, Berlin-Rome VW.

12. Auto Union Racing Car:

P-wagen, Auto-union racing cars, Auto-union racing.

13. America - Crossing by Queen Mary:

'Queen Mary,' Professor Porsche.

14. Racing - Records - DB Versus Auto Union:

Racing, Rosemeyer, Stuck.

15. Land-speed Record Car:

Land speed record.

16. Volkswagen Planning - Tractors - Tanks:

Tractors, Type 110, 111, Tanks, Waldbrol.

17. Gmund - Porsche Arrested:


18. Cisitalia Project - Dusio:

Cisitalia, Cisitalia Design, Autoar, Cisitalia again, Autoar-Cistalia, Museum piece.

19. Ferry Porsche:

Ferry Porsche.

20. Ferry Porsche - The 356:

The 356, Volkswagen contract.

21. Back to Stuttgart:

Stuttgart again.

22. Beginning again:

Fame, Professor Porsche.

23. Works Team - Le Mans - Records:

Le Mans, Record breaking, Rallies, Test reports.

24. Mille Miglia:

Mille Miglia, Liege-Rome-Liege, Racing.

25. Porsche Super - Spyder - SSG Formula 2:

Porsche to U.S.A., Porsche Spyder, Project 547, Le Mans, Type 550, Spyder, Mille Miglia, Le Mans-Rheims, Spyder RS, RSK, Formula 2, Moss, Racing.

26. The Speedster - Type 356A - Carrera - Carrera GT:

Speedster, 356A, Carrera, Racing and rallies.

27. Pages from the Past - Diesel Tractors:


28. Stationary, Boat and Aircraft Engines:

Aircraft engines.

29. Mountain Championship - Targa Florio:

Mountain championship, Targa Florio.

30. Disc Brakes - Rear Engines for Racing:

Rear engines.

31. Production Figures 356B:

Production figures - 356B.

32. Ferry Porsche's Forecast In 1961:

Ferry Porsche's forecast.

33. Developments:

Police Porsche, Type 911T, The 'Sportomatic' gearbos, Types 911L and 911S. Fuel Injection, The Carreras, Aerodynamics, Competition successes, Sporting tradition.