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Gardner/Case of the Deadly Toy

The Case of the Deadly Toy

A Perry Mason Mystery

by Erle Stanley Gardner

Hardcover, 8 1/2 in. x 5 3/4 in.
272 pages
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0397-1
Price: $18.00

Perry Mason has cause to ponder the old adage "Like father, like son" in this explosive drama of murder among California's upper crust...featuring a small boy who just loves guns - preferably those that go Bang!

The curtain rises on Mervin Selkirk's scandalous divorce. Then, with the battle for custody of seven-year-old Robert still pending, Selkirk's fiancée, Norda Allison, learns of some unfortunate qualities in her intended. Exit romance; enter letters - crude, threatening ones addressed to Norda.

That's when Selkirk's ex-wife and her second husband come on stage, his powerful father lurks behind the scenes, and Perry Mason makes his entrance as star in a daring - and deadly - role.

"Completely complicated and dexterously deciphered." -Drexel Drake, Chicago Sunday Tribune

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Gardner/Case of the Deadly Toy
Gardner/Case of the Deadly Toy
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