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From Vision to Success: The Development History of BMW Automobiles: 1918-1932

BMW History Table of Contents

The Golden Twenties - BMW’s First Automobiles
BMW launches its first car in Berlin - politics, the economy and culture in Germany - the German automobile industry-assembled and imported cars - driving in the 1920s - the early days of the Bayerische Motoren Werke

Engines and the First Automobile Plans
Four-cylinder engines for trucks and boats - the M2B15 flat-twin engine - BMW’s first car designers, Max Friz and Gotthilf Durrwachter - the first plans and experimental front-wheel-drive cars

A Small Car for the World - the Austin Seven
Austin searches for a successful model - Sir Herbert’s idea - development in secret - the Austin Seven is launched - unusual and successful - a "Motor for the Millions" - the Austin becomes the Dixi?Rosengart 5 CV, the French Austin Seven - an Austin Seven with an American accent

A People’s Car for Germany- the Dixi 3/15 PS
Heinrich Erhardt establishes Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach - transport vehicles, bicycles and Wartburg cars - Dixi, a new mar due and new cars - a merger with Gothaer Waggonfabrik - negotiations with Austin - the Dixi 3/15 is the automobile hit of the season - BMW buys Fahrzeugfabrik Eisenach and becomes an automobile manufacturer

Larger inside than outside - the Dixi becomes a BMW
The contract - negotiations with Rosengart - all-steel bodies from AMBI-BUDD - the BMW assembly building in Berlin-Johannisthal - the new BMW saloon model - the new BMW Phaeton from Eisenach

The Car for the Ladies - Production History of the BMW 3/15 PS
The new BMW 3/15 PS reaches the showrooms - test-driving the first BMW - model updates - special bodywork - a sports two-seater for the Alpine Rally - advertising and the BMW Magazine - the first convertible - a commercial vehicle, the BMW express delivery van - the Wartburg sports model - the DA 4 models with swing axle - technical features of the first BMW cars

15 Horsepower versus the Rest of the World
1928, crisis year in motor racing - first factory-entered Dixi 3/15 PS - the ADAC practicability and economy trial - the 7th German Reich and Alpine Rally - private entrants discover the Dixi - BMW takes to the stage - victory in the 1929 International Alpine Rally-The Wartburg, BMW’s first sports car-One victory after another for Bobby Kohlrausch - Triumphs in the 10,000-km run and at the Nurburg Ring

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