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"Michael Keyser"s The Speed Merchants spotlights racing history from 1969 to 1972 ..."

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March, 2001

"The Speed Merchants is still, over twenty-five years after its birth, one of the best racing books extent. Driving a Porsche 911 in the company of Ferrari 512s and Porsche 917s has never been described in print so well ..."

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Sports Car Market
August, 2000

"One of the best-ever motorsport titles is back in print and, unlike most sequels, is even better than the original ..."

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Motor Trend
June, 2000

"Michael Keyser ... drove his father's brand-new green Porsche 911 from Stuttgart to Siena, in 1968. Other thrill rides followed ..."

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The New Yorker
March 20, 2000