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Table of Contents

  1. The Years of Preparation
  2. Hitler and The Changed Atmosphere
  3. The Nazis Lay Their Plans
  4. The War Years
  5. Years of Improvisation
  6. Nordhoff and The New Beginning
  7. The Years of Fulfillment
  8. Coals to Newcastle
  9. Detroit Meets The Beetles
  10. A Matter of Taste
  11. Volkslore
  12. From Wolfsburg with Love
  13. Craftsmanship and The New Cars
  14. Postscript 1970: Transition Toward Tomorrow


  • Production
  • Sales, Including Exports
  • U.S. Registrations
  • Capital Investments, Personnel, Payroll
  • Introduction of Volkswagenwerk"s Various Models
  • Production Milestones
  • VWoA Retail Sales History through 1997
  • History of the Volkswagen Beetle (Type I)
  • How to Tell the Age of a Volkswagen