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Basics of the gasoline (SI) engine
Operating concept
Combustion knock
Torque and power
Engine efficiency
Specific fuel consumption
Fuels for spark-ignition engines (gasoline)

Motronic engine management
System overview

Automotive application
Temperature sensors
Two-step Lambda oxygen sensors
LSU4 planar broad-band Lambda oxygen sensors

Electronic diagnosis
On-Board Diagnosis (OBD)
OBD functions
Diagnosis System Management (DSM)

Exhaust emissions
Major components
Combustion by-products
Factors affecting raw emissions

Reducing emissions
Post-combustion thermal treatment
Exhaust-gas recirculation (EGR)
Evaporative-emissions control system

Catalytic emissions control
Overview, oxidation-type
catalytic converter
Three-way catalytic converter
NOx accumulator-type catalytic converter
Lambda control loop
Catalytic-converter heating

Emissions-control legislation
CARB legislation
EPA regulations
EU regulations
US test cycles
European test cycle
Japanese test cycles
Emissions testing
Evaporative-emissions testing

Service technology
Testing on-board control units
Emissions inspections (AU)
Emissions measurement concept

Index of technical terms
Technical terms
Abbreviations and acronyms