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In today's world, environmental protection has advanced to become a topic of central concern. This development has extensive consequences for the automotive industry. References to the greenhouse effect, pollutant emissions, ozone, smog and acid rain appear in the headlines on a regular basis.

Protecting the natural environment is a subject that concerns politicians, industry and motorists in equal measure. The response has been to initiate systematic reductions in the emissions generated by gasoline-engines. Legislation in various countries is introducing ongoing reductions in emissions limits. All efforts are focusing on combining minimal emissions with maximum fuel economy in vehicles offering satisfying performance and dynamic response.

This technical brochure outlines how power-plant design and operating conditions influence exhaust emissions. It also describes emissions-control systems and explains how emissions are monitored by diagnostic systems. This publication also provides information on emissions-control regulations, which have assumed such a level of complexity as to render them virtually incomprehensible to the layman.

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