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Volvo 240 Service Manual: 1983-1993

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See Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
Accelerator cable
See Throttle cable
See Fuel pumps
Advice for the beginner
See Fundamentals for the do-ityourself owner
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
Air cleaner
See Air intake system
Air conditioning
general description 800-1, 870-1
service precautions 800-1, 870-7
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x specifications 038-1
tightening torques 038-1, -2
troubleshooting 870-8
Air filter
See Air intake system
See also Filters, replacing
Air flow sensor, Cl four-cylinder except Turbo (air mass meter)
See Fuel injection-LH Turbo
See Fuel injection-Cl
Air intake system
general information 250-1
preheat system 250-2
shutter valve, testing 250-3
throttle body, replacing 250-5
troubleshooting 250-1
Air mass meter
See Fuel injection-LH
See Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
See Wheel alignment
See Charging system
See Power accessories
See Coolant, engine
Anti-lock brakes (ABS) bleeding 500-3
sequence 500-4
component locations 590-7, -8
fault-checking 590-2
precautions for cars with 590-2
See Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x troubleshooting 590-2
wheel speed sensors, replacing 590-8, 770-4
wiring diagram 590-6
See also Brakes
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
Anti-roll bar (stabilizer bar)
See Suspension, front
See also Suspension, rear
See Automatic transmission fluid
Automatic transmission controls, checking 435-5
driveplate 216-5, 435-9
ring gear, replacing 216-6 fluid
See Automatic transmission fluid gaskets, seals, O-rings 435-4
gear selector linkage, adjusting 435-5 general description 400-4
identification 400-4
kickdown cable
O-ring seal 435-4
replacing/adjusting 435-6 oil seal, rear, replacing 435-5
general description 400-6
solenoid, removing/installing 435-8 removing/installing 435-9
seals, gaskets, O-rings 435-4 service and maintenance 170-10
shift lock 435-6
manual release 435-7
tightening torques 034-3, 435-4, -10
troubleshooting 400-9
Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) changing/replacing 170-11, 435-2
draining pan 435-3
leaks, correcting 435-4
level, checking 170-10, 435-1
refill quantity after draining 435-3
type/specifications 170-10, 435-2


Back-up light switch automatic transmission
See Start inhibitor/back-up light
manual transmission
replacing 430-3
Ball joints, checking 170-13
See also Suspension, front
Battery 310-1
ABS cars, precautions for 590-2
See also Cautions and Warnings
page ix and x charging 310-2
See also Cautions and Warnings
page ix and x
general information 310-1
service and maintenance 170-19
testing 310-2
Bearings, wheei
See Wheel bearings
Beginner, advice for the
See Fundamentals for the do-ityourself owner
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
See Drive belts
Bleeding brakes
See Brakes
See Heating and ventilation
Body, maintenance 170-14
Boost pressure
See Turbocharger
Brake fluid 035-2, 170-12, 500-3
See also Brakes
Brake fluid level warning light
See Emergency situations
Brake light switch, adjusting 520-4
See also Brakes (pedal assembly)
Brake lights
See Lighting
See also Wiring diagrams
Brakes anti-lock
See Anti-lock brakes (ABS) bleeding 500-3
wheel/caliper bleeding
sequence 035-2, 500-4
calipers 510-6
brake line connections to 500-1
tightening torques 035-1, 510-6, -7
inspecting/replacing 510-8
specifications 035-1, 510-8
replacing 500-3
specification 035-2, 500-3
warnings 500-1
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x
hoses, replacing 520-3
hydraulic system 500-1, 520-1
lines, replacing 520-3
master cylinder 520-2
front, replacing 510-2
rear, replacing 510-3
thickness specifications 035-1, 510-2
wear, checking 510-1 parking
See Parking brake
pedal assembly 520-4
tightening torques 035-1, -2, 510-8, 520-3, -6
troubleshooting 500-1, -2
anti-lock brakes (ABS) 590-2
vacuum booster 520-5
Breakerless electronic ignition (Turbo)
See Ignition system
Breather valve
See Emission controls (positive crankcase ventilation)
See Charging system
Bulb failure warning
See Lighting
Bulbs, replacing
See Lighting


Cable, parking brake
See Parking brake Caliper
See Brakes Camber
See Wheel alignment Camshaft
See Engine
Camshaft timing belt adjusting 215-1
inspecting 215-5
replacing 170-8, 215-2
Cartridges, MacPherson strut
See Shock absorbers
See also Suspension, front
See Wheel alignment
Catalytic converter
See Emission controls
Center bearing
See Driveshaft
Central locking 830-8
Charge air pressure (boost pressure)
See Turbocharger
Charging system
alternator 320-3
general information 320-1
testing, troubleshooting 320-1
voltage regulator 320-3
Chrysler (Volvo/Chrysler) ignition system
See Ignition system
See Fuel injection-CI CIS
See Constant idle speed system
Clutch cable
checking/adjusting 410-1
replacing 410-2
general description 410-1
pilot bearing, crankshaft, replacing 216-4
pressure plate, inspecting 410-3
specifications 410-3, 410-4
release mechanism
inspecting 410-4
lubricating 410-5
replacement 410-2
specifications 034-1
installing 410-4
CO, adjusting (idle mixture adjustment)
See Fuel injection
Cold start injector (start injector)
See Fuel injection
Compression test
See Engine
See Air conditioning
Constant idle speed system (CIS) 242-1
air control valve 242-5
coolant temperature sensor 242-4
electrical tests 242-3
general information 242-1
idle speed, adjusting 242-6
troubleshooting 242-2
throttle switch 242-4
Continuous injection system
See Fuel injection-Cl
Control arms
See Front suspension
Coolant, engine
draining and filling 170-6, 260-3
maintenance interval 170-6
Coolant pump
general information 260-1
replacing 260-4
Coolant temperature sensor
See Fuel Injection
Coolant temperature warning light
See Emergency situations
Cooling fan
See Radiator cooling fan
Cooling system
expansion tank 260-1
general information 260-1
hoses, replacing 260- 4
testing 260-2
thermostat, replacing 260-6
warnings and cautions 260-2
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x
Crankcase ventilation system 170-7
Cruise control, troubleshooting 360-11
Cylinder head
See Engine


See Instrument panel
limited slip, identifying 400-7
See also Final drive
Disc, brake
See Brakes
Distributor, ignition
See Ignition system
Distributor, fuel
See Fuel injection (CI)
Distributor cap, replacing 170-7
See also Ignition
Doors 830-1
assembly view, front 830-2
assembly view, rear 830-3
latch, to adjust 830-4
latch and lock, removing/installing
opening mechanism, adjusting 830-6
power locks
See Central locking window glass
See Windows
Drive axles
See Rear axle
Drive belts, replacing/adjusting 170-8
See also Camshaft timing belt
See Automatic transmission
assembling 450-4
center support bearing 450-4
general description 400-6
removing/installing 450-1
rubber flex-joint (manual trans.) 450-3
tightening torques 034-4, 450-2,-3
troubleshooting 400-10
universal joints, spider-type 450-2
Duty cycle (frequency valve)
See Emission Controls


See Emission controls
Electrical system 300-1
fuse positions 033-2, 390-1
general information 300-1
ground locations, main 390-4
service and maintenance 170-9
test equipment 300-2
troubleshooting tests 300-3
continuity (resistance) 300-5
power and ground, checking 300-3
short circuits, checking for 300-6
voltage drop, checking 300-5
See Wiring diagrams
Emission controls
catalytic converter, testing 253-8
evaporative emission control (EEC) 253-2
fuel filler cap, testing 253-3
purge valve, testing 253-4
roll-over valve, testing 253-4
exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system quick check 253-4
system troubleshooting 253-4
temperature sender, testing 253-6
vacuum booster, testing 253-5
valve (EGR), testing 253-5
general information 253-1
Lambda-sond system (Turbo)
frequency valve 253-7, -8, -11
duty cycle, measuring 253-11
testing and replacing 253-12
oxygen sensor, testing and replacing 253-12
oxygen sensor reminder light, resetting 253-13
pressure differential switch 253-7, -8, -15
pressure switch, testing 253-14
principles of operation 253-7
service precautions 253-8
system relay, testing 253-10
thermal cutout switch, testing 253-14
thermal vacuum valve 253-7, -8, -15
See also Fuel injection-Cl
positive crankcase ventilation (PCV)
system service 253-2
troubleshooting 253-1
Emergency brake
See Parking brake
Emergency situations
brake fluid level warning light 100-12
changing a tire 100-10
coolant temperature warning light (overheating) 100-11
dim lights 100-12
jump starting 100-11
overheating 100-11
oil pressure warning light 100-12
spare parts 100-12
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
cam followers 214-8 camshaft
oil seal, replacing 214-4
removing and installing 214-5
specifications 032-3, 214-8
compression testing 200-7
connecting rods 213-1
specifications 032-4, 213-3
cylinder block 213-4
specifications 032-4, 213-4
general information 216-1
guide sleeve, replacing 216-5
inspecting 216-1
journal specifications 216-3
oil clearances, measuring 216-3
pilot bearing, replacing 216-4
oil seals, replacing 216-8
cylinder head
cover gasket, replacing 214-1
disassembling/assembling 214-7
general information 214-1
reconditioning 214-8
removing/installing 212-1
disassembly/assembly 211-1
general description 200-1
identifying 030-4, 200-2
intermediate shaft
front oil seal, replacing 216-10
general information 216-1
inspecting 216-7
specifications 216-9
pins 213-1 rings 213-2
specifications 032-4, 213-2
removing and installing 210-1
specifications 032, 200-2
timing belt, replacing 170-8
transmission, separating 210-3
troubleshooting driveability 200-5
mechanical 200-5
valve guides
checking and replacing 214-11
oil seals, replacing 214-6
specifications 214-11
valve seats
checking and replacing 214-12
specifications 214-12
valve springs specifications 214-10
adjusting 214-2
exhaust, sodium-filled, warnings
regarding disposal of 214-9
specifications 214-9
warnings and cautions 200-9
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
Engine management
See Fuel injection
See also ignition system
See also Emission controls
Engine oil filter
See Filters Engine overheating
See Emergency situations Evaporator
See Air conditioning
Evaporative emission control (EEC)
See Emission controls Exhaust gas recirculation (EGR)
See Emission controls
Exhaust manifold, removing 251-4
Exhaust system 251-1
See also Turbocharger Expansion tank
See Cooling system EZ-116K ignition system
See Ignition system


Fan, heater blower
See Heating and ventilation
Fan, radiator cooling
See Radiator cooling fan
Fan belts
See Drive belts
Fans, engine cooling
See Radiator cooling fan
See also Turbocharger
Fault codes
See Ignition System or Fuel System
Feeler gauges
See Tools
Fenders 820-2
Filters, replacing
air 170-9, 250-2
engine oil 170-5
fuel 170-9, 230-12
Final drive
general description 400-6
oil level, checking 460-1
oil specifications 034-4, 460-1
pinion oil seal, replacing 460-4
troubleshooting 400-10
Flywheel 216-5, 410-3
ring gear, replacing 216-6
Fresh air blower
See Heating and ventilation
Front suspension
See Suspension, front
Fuel distributor
See Fuel injection-Cl
Fuel filter
See Filters, replacing
Fuel gauge
See Instruments
Fuel injection
four-cylinder except Turbo
See Fuel injection-LH
general description 200-3
See Fuel injection-Cl
Fuel injection
four-cylinder except Turbo
See Fuel injection-LH
general description 200-3
See Fuel injection--Cl
Fuel injection CI (Turbo)
air flow sensor-240-10
control pressure regulator
removing and installing 240-17
testing 240-16
electrical tests 240-8
fuel distributor 240-12
control plunger, cleaning 240-13
removing and installing 240-13
general information 240-1
idle mixture adjustment, checking
and adjusting 240-21
injectors 240- 14
checkinq 240-15
removing and installing 240-16
mixture control unit, adjusting 240-20
oxygen sensor
See Emission controls pressure regulator valve,
adjusting 240-13
start injector
impulse relay, testing 240-20
replacing 240-18
thermal time switch, removing and installing 240-20
system troubleshooting 240-4
troubleshooting 200-9, 240-4
Fuel Injection—LH
air control valve 241-16
air mass meter, testing and replacing 241-16
application chart 241-2
cold start injector (LH-2.4, LH-3.1), testing and replacing 240-18
coolant temperature sensor, testing and replacing 241-17
electrical tests 241-10
electronic control unit 241-11
general information 241-2
idle mixture adjustment, checking and adjusting 241-26
idle speed, checkinq/adjusting 241-25
checking 241-24
removing and installing 241-24
main relay, testing 241-11
oxygen sensor, testing 241-8
reminder light, resetting
(LH-2.0) 241-22
pressure regulator 241-22
self-diagnostic program 241-5
fault codes, displaying 241-6
fault memory, clearing 241-7
testing diagnostic unit 241-8
start injector (LH-2.4, LH-3.1) 241-18
throttle sensor. testing and replacing
(LH-3 1) 241 20
throttle switch
(LH-2.0 -2-2, 2.4) 241-19
troubleshootinq 200-9, 241-4
Fuel injectors
See Fuel Injection
Fuel lines and hoses 230-12
Fuel pressure accumulator,
replacing 230-10
Fuel pressure regulator
See Fuel Injection—LH
Fuel pumps
general information 230-1
main 230-1
check valve, replacing 230-5
testing and replacing 230-4
specifications 230-3
pressure accumulator 230-10
transfer 230-6
testing and replacing 230-7
specifications 230-6
Fuel pressure
accumulator 230-10
testing (four-cylinder except Turbo)
residual pressure 241-8
system pressure 241-9 testing (Turbo)
control pressure 240-6
residual pressure 240-8
system pressure 240-6
Fuel pressure accumulator 230-10
Fuel pressure damper 230-10
Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself
bolt diameters/wrench sizes 100-7
general advice for the beginner 100-4
how to use this manual 100-2
parts, buying 100-6
spare parts list 100-12
raising a car safely 100-3
safe work shop practices 100-2
working safely under a car 100-3
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
general information 390-1
See also Electrical system


Guide sleeve, torque converter
See Crankshaft Ground locations
See Electrical system


Hand brake
See Parking brake
See Lighting
Heated seats
replacing heating elements 360-9
testing heating elements 360-8
Heating and ventilation
controls 870-1
control cable, replacing 870-2
control head, replacing 870-3
fan motor/switch, replacing 870-3
general description 800-1. 870-1
heater core, removing/installing 870-6
heater control valve 870-2
heater unit, removing/installing 870-3
adjusting 820-2
hood release 820-1
Horns, replacing 360-4
Hoses, coolant, replacing 260-4
Hydraulic modulator, ABS
See Anti-lock brakes (ABS)


Idle air valve
four-cylinder except Turbo
See Fuel injection—LH Turbo
See Constant idle speed
Idle mixture adjustment
See Fuel injection
Idle speed, checking and adjusting four-cylinder except Turbo
See Fuel injection -- LH Turbo
See Constant idle speed
Ignition/steering lock, replacing 640-10
Ignition system
application table 280-1
disabling system for tests 280-4
distributor 280-12
electrical tests 280-6
fault codes and on-board
diagnostics 280-3
general information 280-1
Hall sender 280-14
impulse sender 280-13
knock sensor 280-15
timing, checking
and adjusting 280-16
troubleshooting 280-3
Ignition switch
replacing 360-9
wiring 390-8
Injectors, fuel
See Fuel Injection
See Turbocharger
Instrument panel 880-1
fuel gauge 380-4
general information 380-1
speedometer 380-2
temperature gauge 380-3
temperature compensating board,
replacing 380-5
voltage stabilizer 380-5
Intake manifold, replacing 250-5
Intermediate shaft
See Engine


Jack stands
See Tools
See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x
precautions for ABS cars 590-2
See also Emergency situations
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x


See Automatic transmission


Lambda probe
See Emission controls Lambda-sond system
See Emission controls Lighting
bulb failure warning 350-5
exterior bulbs, replacing 350-3
front park 350-3
front direction indicator 350-3
rear park 350-3
rear direction indicator 350-3
brake light 350-3
license plate illumination 350-3
reverse light 350-3
general information 350-1
headlights 350-1
aiming 350-2
replacing 350-1
interior bulbs, replacing 350
Limited-slip differential
See Differential


MacPherson struts
See Shock absorbers
See also Suspension, front Maintenance program 170-1
Major service schedule
See Maintenance program
Manual transmission
See Transmission, manual
Master cylinder
See Brakes Mirrors
See Power accessories


Oil, engine changing 170-5
tools and equipment 100-8
Oil cooler
adaptor, testing/replacing 220-7
replacing 220-6
Oil filter, engine
See Filters
Oil pressure testing 220-6
warning light on
See Emergency situations
warning system, testing 220-4
Gill pump
general information 220-1
removing/installing 220-1
inspecting 220-3
specifications 220-3
Overdrive, automatic transmission
See Automatic transmission
Overdrive, manual transmission (M46) general description 400-4
hydraulic controls 430-6
oil filter, replacing 430-8
oil pan, removing/installing 430-6
releasing torsional stress (for removal) 430-9
removing/installing 430-8
shift lever switch, checking and
replacing 430-5 solenoid valve
replacing 430-5
testing 430-4
tightening torques 034-2, 430-5, -7
to relieve sticking 400-9
transmission (4th gear) overdrive
switch. replacing 430-5
troubleshooting 400-8
See also Transmission, manual
Oxygen sensor
four-cylinder except Turbo testing 241-8
reminder light, resetting 241-22
See also Fuel injection-LH
testing 253-12
reminder light, resetting 253-13
See also Emission controls
See also Fuel injection-Cl


Paint, oven-drying
precautions for ABS cars 590-2
See Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x
Parking brake
checking/adjusting 170-12, 550-1
assembly view 550-4
cables, replacing 550-2
shoes, removing/installing 550-1
See Brakes See also Clutch
Pilot bearing, transmission input shaft
See Crankshaft
See Engine
Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV)
See Emission controls
Power accessories
antenna, testing and replacing 360-6 mirrors
motor, replacing 360-6
removing 360-5 door locks
See Central locking windows
See Windows
Power steering
general information 640-1
hoses, replacing 640-6
fluid, checking 170-13
pump. removing and installing 640-6
steering gear
identification 640-2
removing and installing 640-2
Power windows
See Windows
general description 400-1
Preheat system, air intake
See Air intake system
Pressure plate See Clutch
Pressure regulator
See Fuel Injection—LH
Propeller shaft See Driveshaft
Purge valve
See Emissions controls


draining and filling
See Cooling system replacing 260- 6
Radiator cooling fan 260-1, -7
intercooler fan (Turbo) 252-5
Rear axle
axle shafts and bearings, removing;
installing 460-2
general description 400-6, 460-1
See also Final drive
Rear stabilizer bar
See Stabilizer bar
Rear suspension
See Suspension, rear
See also Shock absorbers
Rear window wiper
See Wipers and washers
Relay positions 390-2
Relays, general information 390-1
Reverse lights
See Back-up lights
Ring gear, flywheel
See Driveplate (auto. transmission)
See Flywheel (manual transmission)
Rotor, brake
See Brakes, disc
Rotor, ignition replacing 170-7
See also Ignition system


Safety, work practices
See Fundamentals for the do-it
yourself owner
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x Seats, heated
See Heated seats Shift lock
See Automatic transmission Shims
See Transmission, manual Shock absorbers
checking 170-13, 720-1
front (MacPherson strut cartridges), replacing 720-4
general information 700-1, 720-1
rear, replacing 720-5
troubleshooting 700-2
See also Suspension, front
See also Suspension, rear
Solenoid, starter
See Starter
Spark plugs, application chart 170-7
Special tools
See Tools
impulse sender (final drive) 460-4
See also Instruments
See also Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
Springs, suspension
general information 700-1, 720-1
removing; installing
front 720-1
rear 720-4 troubleshooting 700-2
See Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
Stabilizer bar
See Suspension, front
See also Suspension, rear
Stalk switches
See Steering column
Start inhibitor/back-up light switch,
replacing 435-6
Start injector
See Fuel injection
general information 330-1
removing and installing 330-1
ring gear, flywheel
See Driveplate (for auto. traris.)
See Flywheel (for manual trans.) solenoid, replacing 330-2
troubleshooting 330-2
general information 600-2
technical data 036-2
troubleshooting 600-3
See also Power steering
Steering column removing/installing 640-6
switches, replacing 360-10
Steering lock
See Igriition/steering lock
Steering wheel
removing/installing 640-6
removing/installing with SRS (airbag) 880-5
WARNING - See also Supplemental restraint system (SRS)
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
Struts, front suspension
See Suspension, front See also Shock absorbers
Sunroof 830-10
cables, removing 830-11
cables, installing 830-12
guide rails, lubricating 830-11
Supplemental restraint system
(SRS) 880-3
airbag unit, installing 880-7
airbag unit, removing 880-5
collision, replacing SRS steering
column components after 880-4
contact reel, replacing 880-6
crash sensor 880-3
disarming 880-3
general description 800-2, -3 steering wheel, removing/installing
tightening torques 038-2, 880-5, -7
warning light 880-4
warnings 880-3
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x
Suspension, front
ball joint, checking/
replacing 170-13, 610-6
coil springs
See Springs, suspension control arms, replacing 610-1
cross member 610-8
general information 600-1
stabilizer bar, removing/
installing 610-8
bearing, replacing 720-2
See also Shock absorbers shock absorbers
See Shock absorbers technical data 036-1, 037-1
Suspension. rear 650-1
general information 600-1, 650-1
stabilizer bar, removing and installing
technical data 036-1, 037-1
torque arms, removing and installing
trailing arms 650-3
removing/installing 650-3
bushings, replacing 650-4
troubleshooting 600-3
Sway bar (stabilizer bar)
See Suspension, front
See also Suspension, rear
Switches, replacing 360-10
See Transmission, manual


Tailgate 830-5
latch and lock 830-7
power lock
See Central locking
Temperature compensating board
See Instruments
Temperature gauge
See Instruments
Thermostat, replacing 260-6
Throttle body
See Air intake system
Throttle cable, adjusting/replacing 250-4
Throttle linkage, adjusting 250-3
Throttle sensor
See Fuel injection Throttle switch
See Fuel injection Timing, ignition
See Ignition system Timing belt
See Camshaft timing belt
See Emergency situations
See also Cautions and Warnings
pages ix and x
general information 170-14, 770-1
inflation pressure 170-14, 770-1
basic requirements 100-6
feeler gauges 100-9
jack stands 100-8
torque wrench 100-9
volt-ohm meter (VOM) 100-9
Volvo special tools 100-10
Torque arms
See Suspension, rear
Torque converter driveplate
See Automatic transmission
general description 400-4
guide sleeve, crankshaft,
replacing 216-5
Torque wrench
See Tools
Towing 100-12
Track rods, removing/installing 650-2
Trailing arms
See Suspension, rear
Transfer pump
See Fuel pump, transfer
Transmission, automatic
See Automatic transmission
Transmission, manual
assembly 432-8
gear case 432-10
mainshaft 432-9
M46 4-spd. w/overdrive 432-10
M47 II 5-spd. 432-15
disassembly 432-1
extension housing, 5th
gear 432-6
gear case and shafts 432-7
mainshaft 432-8
description, general 432-1
exploded view
M46 4-spa. 432-2
M47 II 5-spd. 432-4
general description 400-1
gear case
assembling 432-10
disassembling 432-7
identification 400-1
assembling 432-9
disassembling 432-8
oil level, checking 430-1
See Overdrive
reverse gear detent, adjusting 430-3
removing/installing 430-9, -10
tightening torques 034-2. 430-10
service and maintenance 170-10
shift lever
overdrive switch, checking/replacing 430-5
removing/disassembling 430-2
shim thickness, determining countershaft-M46 4-spd.
w/aluminum gear case 432-12
countershaft-M46 4-spd. w/cast
iron gear case 432-13
countershaft-M47 432-15
input shaft bearing 432-16
mainshaft bearing 432-16
specifications 034-1, 430-1
synchronizers, assembling 432-8
tightening torques 034-2, 430-1, -10, -12, -15
troubleshooting 400-7
Transmission service 170-10
See also Automatic transmission
See also Transmission, manual
automatic transmission 400-9
clutch 400-7
driveability 200-9
driveshaft 400-10
engine 200-5, -9
final drive 400-10
fuel injection 200-9
See also Fuel injection
manual transmission 400-7
overdrive 400-8
Trunk lid 830-5
latch and lock 830-7
power lock
See Central locking
Turbo fuel injection
See Fuel injection-CI
boost pressure, checking and adjusting 252-2
components, testing/replacing 252-4
fan, intercooler 252-5
general information 252-1
intercooler 252-1
removing and installing 251-4
separating from exhaust
manifold 251-5
troubleshooting 252-1
wastegate 252-1
actuator, replacing 252-6


Universal joints See Driveshaft


See Drive belts
Vacuum brake booster
See Brakes
Valve clearances, adjusting 170-8, 214-2
Ventilation blower/fan
See Heating and ventilation
Voltage regulator
See Charging system
Volvo recommended maintenance 170-1
Volvo special tools
See Tools
Volvo/Chrysler ignition
See Ignition system
Volt-ohm meter, using
See Tools
See also Electrical system, troubleshooting tests
Voltage stabilizer (instrument cluster)
See Instruments


Warning lights
See Emergency situations
Warnings, cautions, and notes 100-2
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
See Turbocharger
Water pump
See Coolant pump
Welding repairs 800-1, -2
cars with SRS, Warnings for 880-3
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
Wheel alignment
adjustment, methods of 620-1
specifications 036-1, 620-1
Wheel bearings front
adjusting, 770-4
general information 700-1
replacing 770-2 rear
See Rear axle
Wheel speed sensors, ABS
See Anti-lock brakes (ABS)
Wheel studs, replacing 770-4
general information 770-1
troubleshooting 600-4, 700-2
Welding, precautions for ABS cars 590-2
See also Cautions and Warnings pages ix and x
Windows, door 830-8
Windshield washer fluid,
checking 170-13
Wipers and washers 360-1
fluid, checking/filling 170-13
washer pump, replacing 360-3
washer nozzle, replacing 360-4
wiper motor, replacing 360-1
Wiring diagrams
diagrams, how to use Volvo 300-4
general information 300-2, 390-1
1983 models 390-12
1984 models 390-18
1985 models 390-24
1986 models 390-30
1987 models 390-36
1988 models 390-36
1989 models 390-42
1990 models 390-48
1991 models 390-54
1992-1993 models 390-60