Home Volkswagen Repair VW Rabbit, Jetta Diesel: 77-84 Manual
This Volkswagen Rabbit/Jetta Diesel Service Manual Including Pickup Truck covers the Rabbit Diesel two-door sedans, the Rabbit Diesel four-door sedans, the Jetta Diesel two-door sedans, the Jetta Diesel four-door sedans, and the VW Pickup Truck Diesels sold in the United States and Canada for the Model Years 1977 through 1984. Included are those vehicles manufactured in Germany as well as those vehicles and trucks manufactured in the United States. The chassis number or the vehicle identification number of your Volkswagen is found both on the safety compliance sticker on the left doorjamb and on a plate mounted on the driver's side of the dashboard padding where the number can be seen through the windshield.

This Manual is organized so that changes from model year to model year are noted. Also, if a change within one model year is made, the chassis number or the vehicle identification number of the first vehicle with this change is given. On 1981 through 1984 vehicles, the digits you need to know for this parts and service information are taken from the seventeen-digit vehicle identification number. If, for example, your vehicle's identification number is 1VWAG9170CV000001, you will need for parts and service information only nine of the last eleven digits of this number, or more specfically, the digits 17C000001. The chassis numbers or the vehicle identification numbers assigned to Rabbits, Jettas, and Pickup Trucks during the model years covered are:

Rabbit Two-door Sedan, Rabbit Four-door Sedan, and VW Pickup Truck

1977: 1773000001 to 177 3900 000
1978: 1783000001 to 178 3900 000
1979: 1793000001 to 179 3900 000
1980: 17A 0000 001 to 17A 9750 000 (German-made)
 and: 17A 0750 001 to 17A 0999 999 (U.S.-made)
1981: 17_B_000001 to 17_B_999999
1982: 17_C_000001 to 17_C_999999
1983: 17_D_000001 to 17_D_999999
1984: 17_E_000001 to 17_E_999999

Jetta Two-door Sedan and Jetta Four-door Sedan
1982: 16_C_000001 to 16_C_999999
1983: 16_D_000001 to 16_D_999999
1984: 16_E_000001 to 16_E_999999