Motronic fuel injection and ignition system, component layout, AAH engine, MMN 100/200

location view of camshaft position sensor, AAH engine, 1992 100

-- Engine Control Module (ECM) -J192-
-- Not shown
-- Located in passenger-side footwell, in electronics box under carpeting

  1. Harness connectors for:
    1. Oxygen Sensor (O2S) heater -Z19-
      • Heater for heated oxygen sensor -G39-, right bank
      • Black 2-pin connector
    2. Ignition coils
      • Battery positive voltage (B+) supply
      • White connector
    3. Heated Oxygen Sensor (HO2S) -G39-
      • Signal wire
      • Under connector holder on bulkhead
    4. Knock Sensor (KS) 1 -G61-
      • Blue connector
    5. For Engine Speed (RPM) sensor -G28-
      • Gray connector
  2. Power Output Stage -N122-
    • For ignition coils
    1. Signal wires
      • From Engine Control Module (ECM)
      • Brown 4-pin connector
    2. Ignition coil primary circuit connections
  3. Throttle Position (TP) sensor -G69-
  4. Connectors for:
    1. For Heated Oxygen Sensor 2 -G108-
      • Signal wire
    2. Oxygen Sensor (O2S) 2 heater -Z28-
      • Heater for heated oxygen sensor 2 -G108-, left bank
      • Black 2-pin connector
    3. Knock Sensor (KS) 2 -G66-
      • Blue connector
  5. EGR temperature sensor -G98-
    • US vehicles only
  6. Camshaft Position (CMP) sensor -G40-
  7. Data Link Connector (DLC)

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