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Mini Gold Portfolio: 1959-1969

Softcover, 8 in. x 11 in.
176 pages
400 illustrations
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1195-2
Price: $29.95

Mini Gold Portolio: 1959-1969

This Mini Gold Portolio: 1959-1969 is a collection of 48 original articles compiled from the pages of Australian Motor Sports, Autocar, Autosport, Car-South Africa, Cars & Car Conversions, Motor, Motoring Life, Motor Sport, and Wheels. The information collected in these reprinted articles includes 20 road and track tests, plus specifications, touring and long-term reports.

Models included in this Mini compilation:

  • Mini 850
  • Mini 998
  • Mini 1071
  • Mini 1275
  • Mini Austin Seven
  • Mini Automatic
  • Mini Cooper
  • Mini Cooper S
  • Mini De Luxe Automatic
  • Mini Mini Cooper
  • Mini Mk II
  • Mini Mk III
  • Mini Riley Elf
  • Mini Wolseley Hornet

The Mini was a triumph of design by Alec Issigonis who produced a thoroughly driveable and likeable economy car. The neat styling immediately gave it more character than any other economy car of the time. Under BMC's badge engineering system the original Morris Mini Minor became an Austin Se7en and with a boot became the Riley Elf and Wolseley Hornet. It always had a strong sales basis. This is a book of contemporary road tests, new model introductions, specification and technical data, long-term tests, competition, history.

Mini Gold Portfolio 1959-69
Mini Gold Portfolio 1959-69
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