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Installing new power steering fluid filter. See Chapter 1, ?Servicing the W126 300SD, Part I.?

Lower timing chain run in M117 V-8 engine. See Chapter 2, ?Timing is Everything.?

280SL throttle linkage. See Chapter 3, ?How to Adjust Mechanical Fuel-Injection Systems for Maximum Power.?

W210 E-Class headlight assembly. See Chapter 4, ?Light Fantastic.?

Restoring crimp on secondary shaft of odometer. See Chapter 5, ?Repairing a Stalled Odometer.?

Installing Bilstein lower hub into suspension arm. See Chapter 6, ?Replacing W210 E-Class Front Shocks.?

Mid-1950s brake master cylinder used with drum brakes. See Chapter 7, ?Bleeding and Fluid.?

Polishing with a fine cleaner to remove paint scratches. See Chapter 9, ?How To Wax Your Car Like the Pros.?

Mercedes-Benz Technical Companion
Table of Contents
Warnings and Cautions
Editor's Introduction

1 Lubrication and Maintenance
Choosing a Repair Shop
The LiteOff
190D and 190E Oil and Oil Filter Change
190D / 190E Tech Tips
Automatic Transmission Fluid
How to Service Automatic Transmissions
M-Class Service for the Novice, Parts I and II
The Black Death
Servicing the W126 300SD, Parts I and II
How to Build an Ignition Analyzer
On-Board Diagnostics for Diesels
Cooler Coolant
One Shot Lubrication System Repair
Tuning the Mercedes-Benz 190SL
Model 140 Charcoal Filter Replacement
Knowing when to let go...
Technical and Restoration Forum

2 Engine, Transmission
W124 Motor Mount Replacement
How to Replace Your 300SD Water Pump
300SD Timing Chain Replacement
Timing is Everything
Twin-Cam Engine Valve Adjustment
300D Top-End Engine Work Hints
Valve Job, Parts I and II
Bottom End Overhaul, Parts I and II
Transmission Lock-Out Switch
A Survey of Automatic Transmissions
Tech Ramblings
Idle Speed
Technical and Restoration Forum

3 Fuel, Exhaust
Solving Hot-Start Problems
Lambda and Oxygen
How to Adjust Mechanical Fuel-Injection
Water and Diesel Fuel Don't Mix
Diagnosing Pre-Glow Systems, Parts I and II
Turbocharger Repair
How to Put Zip in Your Zeniths
Zenith to Weber Carburetor Conversion
190SL Carburetion: Solex vs. Weber
Replacing 300D / 300E Exhaust System
Idling in fuel injected engines
Technical and Restoration Forum

4 Electrical System
Repairing the E-Class Seat-Control Switch
Five-Minute Shift Indicator Light Fix
The Becker Grand Prix Electronic
Refurbish Your Cruise Control Actuator
Horn Rings
Installing A Third Brake Light
The Alternator
Replacing the Antenna on a W126
Upgrading Early W124 Headlights
European Headlights on W116 300SDs
Light Fantastic
1996?2003 E-Class Combination Switch
Technical and Restoration Forum

5 Body, Interior
How to Fix Your Vacuum Door Locks
Seat Belt Updates
Working on W210 E-Class Doors
Vintage Trip Odometers
Repairing a Stalled Odometer
Servicing the VDO Mechanical Clock
How To Fix A Wipered-Out SL
Curing SLC Window Condensation
Gray Market
Technical and Restoration Forum

6 Suspension, Steering, Tires, Wheels
W201 and W124 Front Suspension Repair
Self-Leveling Suspension Care
Changing Rear Air Suspension Bellows
190SL Rear Suspension Repair
Front End
Need New Shocks?
Replacing W210 E-Class Front Shocks
Replacing Sub-Frame Mounts
Oversteer / Understeer in Normal Driving
Fixing Squeaky Steering on 123 Chassis
Technical Topics
Wheel and Tire Guide
Tire Size Equivalents
Wheeling Right Along...
Technical and Restoration Forum

7 Brakes
Bleeding and Fluid
Fouled Brake System
ABS News Release
W124 Brake Pad / Rotor Replacement
Technical and Restoration Forum

8 Heating, Air Conditioning
Automatic Climate Control Care / Feeding
Repair of 1977?1981 ACC Servos
1981?1985 Automatic Climate Control
Repair of Solenoid-Type ACC Valves
Heater Control Lever Replacement
Replace W108 / 109 Heater Control Levers
Fixing the 107 / 116 Heater Flap
Converting Your R-12 A/C to R-134a
Cooling System and A/C Tune-Up
Technical and Restoration Forum

9 Care and Preservation
How To Wax Your Car Like the Pros
How to Fix Paint Chips?The Right Way
Leather Care
How to Maintain Mercedes-Benz Wood
How to Restore Mercedes-Benz Wood
Plastic windows
Technical and Restoration Forum

Appendix 1
A Guide to Daimler-Benz Chassis and Motor Numbers
Chassis and Engine Type Numbers
List of Chassis Numbers and Engine Numbers for Mercedes-Benz Models 1946?1997
List of Chassis Numbers and Engine Numbers for Mercedes-Benz Models 1998?2005

Appendix 2
WIS on the WEB

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