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Old Cars Weekly - June 17, 2004

Jeep CJ Rebuilder's Manual: 1946-1971, by Moses Ludel (ISBN 0-8376-1037-0, Bentley Publishers, 1734 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA 02138, phone 800.423.4595, Web site www.BentleyPublishers.com. Softcover, 8-1/2" x 11", 558 pages, 1,400 black-and-white photos, 2003, $39.95).

"The title of this book is somewhat misleading as it covers the Willys military jeeps (MB, M38, M38A1) as well as the civilian CJ series. Prior to this book coming out, I generally recommended that jeep owners buy the manual for their jeep (of course) plus Moses Ludel's Jeep Owner's Bible plus the King and Worthy Jeep Bible and a bunch of back issues of Military Vehicles Magazine. This book makes it much easier: all you need now is the manual and this book.

The book covers it all: engine rebuilding including disassembly, machine shop work, and reassembly; rebuilding the transmission and clutch; servicing the transfer case and installing a Warn overdrive; axle rebuilds and upgrades including lockout hubs; frame, suspension, and body repair, steering and brake service; electrical and ignition system upgrades; and fuel and exhaust system repairs. Every procedure described has detailed step-by-step instruction and nice, clear photos. I've often read a paragraph in TM 9-803 over and over, thinking to myself that just a few more photos would be worth thousands of words and many hours of time. There is no such problem with this book. Every procedure is described in detail and photos are there for every step.

The only warning I have is that the book is loosely based on a total rebuild of a 1955 CJ-5 (same as an M38A1) and many of the details are different from the earlier flat fender jeeps. So if you're planning a total rebuild of an MB or M38, in addition to this book you need your manual and a reasonable dose of adaptability.

There is a second volume in this series covering the CJ-5 to CJ-8 from 1972 to 1986. Same author, publisher, and price."
?David Ahl

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