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Outside rear view mirror assembly (1987-1989).
Outside Rear View Mirrors

The remote controlled outside mirrors are electrically heated. The mirror glass, mirror drive motor and mirror housing are available separately from an authorized Porsche dealer. Note that two variants of the outside power mirror was used in the Carrera series: The early variant was used on 1984 - 1986 cars and the later style (as shown) was used on 1987 - 1989 cars.


  • The main difference between the early style mirror and the later style mirror is the way the glass is mounted to the motor assembly. On 1983-1986 cars, the glass is retained by pins at all four corners. On 1987 and later cars, the glass is retained by a circular locking ring. The procedures given are for the 1987 - 1989 mirror assembly, the early assembly is similar.
  • Mirror heating is controlled by the rear window heater circuit. See 970 Electrical Wiring Diagrams.
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    Outside mirror glass, replacing (1987-1989 cars)

    On 1987 - 1989 cars, the mirror glass is held in place by a locking ring. Turning the locking ring left or right locks and unlocks the glass.

    The mirror glass should be at or above room temperature before removal. Otherwise, small plastic parts or glass will break.

    Press mirror glass in at bottom.

    Insert small screwdriver through hole in bottom of mirror housing and locate locking ring slots.

  • Turn locking ring counterclockwise to release mirror glass.
  • NOTE
    Inset shows slots in bottom of locking ring.

    Disconnect heating element electrical connectors from back of mirror glass.

    Install new glass into position by pressing firmly into housing and turning locking ring clockwise. Check that glass is locked in place.


    Outside mirror drive motor, removing and installing

    Remove mirror glass as described earlier.

    Remove three bolts (arrows) securing motor to housing.

    Pull motor out of housing and disconnect wiring harness plug.

    Installation is reverse of removal.

    Outside mirror housing, removing and installing

    Remove mirror glass and motor as described earlier.

    Use wiring connector removal tool to push wire terminals out of mirror motor harness connector.

    Remove allen mounting bolt (arrow) at base of mirror housing.
  • Remove mirror while feeding wiring harness through mirror base.
  • Installation is reverse of removal. Wiring colors are shown in Table a.

    Table a. Outside Mirror Drive Motor Wire Colors