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A Common Purpose: The Residents of Brookhaven at Lexington Remember WWII and the Decades that Followed

Part One: War on the Horizon

  • Helen C. Aronson June 23, 1938 - My War Begins
  • Lilly Wolffers Szonyi A Hanukkah Memory
  • Heidi White Cologne, Germany, 1942-1945
  • Eva Gil My Life During World War II
  • Jacqueline Villars Sheltering Refugees
  • Susan Haller War in a Neutral Country
  • Diana M. Bailey The Sound of Sirens
  • Hanna Friedenstein Chandler D-Day

Part Two: Stranded Americans

  • Allen C. West Evacuation, 1941
  • Marnie Wengren A Ship Is Sunk at Sea

Part Three: War in Europe

  • Eleanor Lane The Departure for World War II
  • Albert D. Ullman A Casualty of D-Day, June 1944
  • Charles B. Ketcham "Many of Us Who Are Here Carry Within Us Death"
  • R. B. McAdoo A Special Education
  • Hamilton R. James Where Do I Find a Cavalry Horse?
  • Charles Vivian Shooting for Real
  • John R. Roberts, Jr. Did Measles Change His Destiny?
  • Sam Berman The Plane Was Diving Straight for the Ground
  • Franklin A. Lindsay Behind Enemy Lines
  • Nancy Sweezy How I Stumbled into the OSS
  • Robert Solow In Real Time: Decoding-Translating-Recoding
  • Anne M. Smiddy An Unusual Meeting
  • Chankey Touart Winning the Bronze Star
  • Al Quinzani War with the Quartermaster Corps
  • June Odbert Smith A World War II "MASH" Unit
  • George B. Starkey Interview

Part Four: Women in the Service

  • Miriam McCue A Woman's Military Experience, 1944-1948
  • Doris Eyges A Voice in the Night
  • Joan Keenan The National Security Agency and Me
  • Florence Trefethen The Secret of All Secrets

Part Five: Winning the War at Home

  • Frederick L. Hafer A Flat Tire on the Way to West Point
  • George Hanford The Battle of the Great Salt Lake
  • Robert Preyer A Nagging World War II Memory
  • Mary T. Simonds You've Got to Stop It!
  • Harry Baldwin From the Journal of Harry Baldwin, Belmont, Massachusetts
  • Eleanor Baldwin My Essential War Work
  • Mary Stewart Hafer Defense Plant Work: A Wartime Education
  • Lucien Theriault Seven Deferments
  • Rosemary Fitzgerald I Did the Math, the Shopping and the Machining
  • Barbara Kirchheimer Serving at Home and Abroad
  • Mary Lou Touart College Years in World War II

Part Six: The Childrens' War

  • Mary L. Bundy A Teenager Follows the War from the Home Front
  • Phyllis Hinsey We Were All in This Together
  • Jean Hall Never Buy Rationed Goods Without Ration Stamps
  • Henry Hall Air Raid Warden and Plane Spotter
  • Nancy Hubert Preparing for War in Kansas
  • Barbara Rediker A Little Girl Gives Away Her Toy Teapot
  • Janice Rittenburg Rossbach Jewish in America and Locating Survivors
  • Janet Linn A Girl's War

Part Seven: Fighting in the Pacific

  • Liz Toupin Young, Korean and Pearl Harbor
  • Leonard Rothman Army Life at the Age of Eighteen
  • Harry Foden My World War II Memoir
  • Florence Wallach Freed My Cousin Jackie
  • Will Cochran Chewing Gum
  • Cliff Larson Twenty-Five Bombing Missions Over the Japanese Homeland
  • Richard L. Gardner The Big Picture
  • Richard Gilbert What Time Is It?
  • Bob Rediker Adventures in Communications
  • Robert Coquillette From Pearl Harbor to Tokyo Bay
  • Benjamin T. Wright A Military Tourist in the Pacific: 1940-1965
  • John C. Simons Beneath the Sea
  • Ed Gilfix A G.I. in the CBI

Part Eight: Still Preparing for War

  • Tom Sheridan Testing Survival Equipment for Air Force Test Pilots
  • William F. Pounds Will I Be Able to Land?
  • Norine Casey Snapshots of World War II and Vietnam

Part Nine: War Is Hell

  • Ed Townsley The Ordeals of a Conscientious Objector
  • Thorne Griscom Where Was I and What Was I Doing When Pearl Harbor Was Bombed?
  • Ed Townsley War Is Hell-War Is Real
  • Lilly Wolffers Szonyi School Days and Life in Nazi Germany (1927-1939)
  • David Gil My War Experiences: World War II and Israel-Arab Wars
  • Florence Wallach Freed A Memory
  • Kathryn McCarthy War

World War II Timeline