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A Common Purpose

The Residents of Brookhaven at Lexington Remember WWII and the Decades that Followed

by The Residents of Brookhaven at Lexington
Edited by Nancy Lansdon Hubert

Softcover, 6 1/8 in. x 9 1/4 in.
420 pages
130 photographs
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1729-9
Price: $29.95

A Common Purpose collects personal stories and first-hand accounts of the World War II era as experienced by the residents of the retirement community Brookhaven at Lexington™. These narratives cover a broad range of subjects that include key battles, reminiscences of the home front, flight from Europe, top secret code-breaking, and women's roles during the war. Told from the varied perspectives of the participants as they remember the war years - whether from childhood, adolescence, or early adulthood - A Common Purpose is a moving and thoughtful set of reflections on a pivotal time in American history. This book project is the product of a remarkable self-organized community of retirees and members of "the greatest generation," and includes seventy-two stories by sixty-nine authors from Brookhaven at Lexington.

"What is often implied but left unsaid about the country during World War II is the spirit of unity and determination...They did essential work in the defense industry, volunteered for the Red Cross, or as plane spotters and air raid wardens, helped entertain soldiers, and grew victory gardens. Even children had a role; they bought savings bond stamps, helped with scrap metal drives, collected cans and newspapers. This was everyone's war and everyone wanted to do whatever needed to be done."
- From the Preface by editor Nancy Hubert

  • Part One: War on the Horizon
  • Part Two: Stranded Americans
  • Part Three: War in Europe
  • Part Four: Women in the Service
  • Part Five: Winning the War at Home
  • Part Six: The Childrens' War
  • Part Seven: Fighting in the Pacific
  • Part Eight: Still Preparing for War
  • Part Nine: War Is Hell

Brookhaven at Lexington™ is a nonprofit lifecare community dedicated to enriching the lives of its residents.

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William Pounds with his Grumman Cougar (F9F8), 1953, Oceana, Virginia. (William Pounds, page 362)
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Miriam McCue in her Navy uniform ready to ride in the 50th Anniversary of World War II parade in Lexington, Massachusetts, 1994. (Miriam McCue, page 152)
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1945. Philip Lane, third from the left, with members of the 10th Armored Division, on occupation in the Garmish-Partenkirchen area. (Ellie Lane, page 60)
A Common Purpose - Brookhaven
A Common Purpose - Brookhaven
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