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BMW 3 Series (E36) Service Manual: 1992 - 1998

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ABS (anti-lock brakes)
See Brakes
Accelerator and throttle linkage
See Maintenance program
Air conditioning
general information 640-1
air distribution motor, replacing (rotary knob) 640-10
air distribution motors 640-9
blower motor, removing/installing
blower motor resistor pack, replacing 640-3
compressor, replacing 640-12
compressor clutch 640-13
condenser, replacing 640-14
control head 640-7
removing/installing (digital-display) 640-8
removing/installing (rotary knob) 640-7
control module
removing/installing (digital-display) 640-8
removing/installing (rotary knob) 640-8
evaporator, removing/installing
evaporator temperature sensor, replacing 640-17
expansion valve, removing/installing 640-16
microfilter, replacing 640-18
receiver/drier, replacing 640-15
sensor fan for interior temperature, replacing 640-9
warnings and cautions 640-11
Air distribution (flap) motor
See Air conditioning
See also Heating
Air filter
See Maintenance program
Airbag system (SRS)
general information 721-1
contact ring, replacing 721-3
driver side airbag, removing/installing
front crash sensor, replacing 721-4
front side-impact airbag, removing/installing 721-7
front side-impact airbag crash sensor, removing/installing 721-5
passenger side airbag, removing/installing 721-6
sensors and electronics 721-1
SRS warning light and fault display 721-2
systems 721-1
ZAE control module, replacing 721-5
Alarm system
See Central locking and anti-theft
See Battery, starter, alternator
Anti-freeze (Engine coolant)
See Maintenance program
See Central locking and anti-theft
AST (All season traction) 300-4
ATF (Automatic transmission fluid)
See Automatic transmission
Automatic transmission
See also Transmission?general
general information 240-1
ATF, draining and filling 240-2
ATF level, checking 240-1
transmission removal and installation 240-4
transmission, removing/installing
transmission service 240-1
Auxiliary fan
See Cooling system
Axle joint
See Maintenance program


Back-up light switch
See Manual transmission
Ball joint
See Front suspension
See Battery, starter, alternator
Battery, starter, alternator
See Maintenance program
general information 121-1
alternator, removing/installing (4-cylinder engine) 121-5
alternator, removing/installing (6-cylinder engine) 121-6
alternator brushes, inspecting/replacing 121-7
alternator service 121-4
battery charging 121-4
battery load voltage test 121-4
battery open-circuit voltage test 121-4
battery service 121-3
battery testing 121-3
charging system quick check 121-2
charging system troubleshooting 121-2
hydrometer testing 121-3
solenoid switch, removing/installing 121-10
starter service 121-7
starter troubleshooting 121-7
starter, removing/installing (4-cylinder engine) 121-8
starter, removing/installing (6-cylinder engine with automatic transmission) 121-9
starter, removing/installing (6-cylinder engine with manual transmission) 121-8
static current draw, checking 121-2
voltage regulator, removing/installing 121-6
Bearing, wheel
See Front suspension or Rear suspension
Blower motor
See Air conditioning
See also Heating
BMW emblem
See Exterior trim, bumpers
general information 400-1
body assembly 400-1
central body electronics 400-4
convertible models 400-2
coupe models 400-2
electronic immobilization system 400-4
exterior and aerodynamics 400-2
heating and air conditioning 400-5
instruments and controls 400-4
interior equipment 400-3
seats and seatbelts 400-3
Body side molding
See Exterior trim, bumpers
Brake fluid
See Maintenance program
general information 340-1
antilock brake system (ABS) 340-11
inspection 340-12
wheel speed sensors, replacing 340-12
bleeding brakes 340-3
brake booster, removing/installing 340-8
brake caliper, removing/installing
brake pads, calipers, and rotors 340-3
brake pads, replacing 340-4
brake rotor, removing/installing
master cylinder, removing/installing 340-7
parking brake 340-10
adjusting 340-10
cable, replacing 340-11
shoes, removing/installing 340-11
Brakes (cont.)
pressure bleeding brakes (except cars with AST) 340-3
troubleshooting 340-1
Brushes, alternator
See Battery, starter, alternator
See Exterior lighting
See also Instruments
See Exterior trim, bumpers


See Steering and wheel alignment
See Cylinder head and valvetrain
Camshaft position sensor
See Ignition system
Camshaft timing chain
general information 117-1
camshaft timing chain, 4-cylinder 117-2
camshaft timing chains, 6-cylinder 117-6
camshaft timing chain, removing
(4-cylinder engines) 117-2
camshaft timing chains, removing
(6-cylinder engines) 117-7
vanos (variable valve timing) 117-14
control unit, removing 117-16
system operation, testing 117-14
See Steering and wheel alignment
Catalytic convertor
See Exhaust system
Cautions viii
Center bearing
See Driveshaft
Center console
See interior trim
Central body electronics (ZKE IV) 515-8
Central locking system (ZVM) 515-7
Central locking and anti-theft
general information 515-1
door handles and locks 515-1
door striker, replacing 515-6
front door handle, removing/installing 515-3
front door lock, removing/installing 515-1
rear door handle, removing/installing 515-5
rear door lock, removing/installing 515-4
EWS II control module, replacing 515-10
EWS II ring antenna, replacing 515-10
EWS II transmitter/receiver module, replacing 515-11
locking system and electronic immobilization 515-7
luggage compartment locking actuator, removing/installing 515-6
general information 210-1
clutch hydraulic system, bleeding and flushing 210-2
clutch, inspecting and installing
clutch master cylinder, replacing
clutch, removing 210-4
clutch slave cylinder, replacing
transmission pilot bearing, replacing 210-6
Clutch fluid
See Maintenance program
See Ignition system
Coil spring
See Rear suspension
Component locations
See Electrical component locations
See Air conditioning
Compressor clutch
See Air conditioning
See Air conditioning
Control arms
See Front suspension
See also Rear suspension
Convertible top
general information 541-1
manual convertible top 541-1
lid release mechanism 541-2
replacing 541-2
visor latch 541-1
visor latch plate 541-1
power convertible top 541-2
drive motor, replacing 541-7
emergency operation 541-7
front latching mechanism 541-4
lid 541-9
replacing 541-5
visor latch 541-4
visor latch motor 541-5
visor latch plate 541-4
rollover protection system 541-9
Coolant (Anti-freeze)
See Maintenance program
Coolant pump
See Cooling system
Cooling system
general information 170-1
cooling fan, replacing 170-8
coolant pump, replacing 170-10
coolant pump and thermostat
coolant, draining/filling 170-5
cooling fans 170-2
cooling fan, testing 170-4
cooling system service 170-5
cooling system, bleeding (radiator with integral expansion tank) 170-6
cooling system pressure test 170-3
electric cooling fan, replacing 170-8
radiator, removing/installing 170-11
radiator and expansion tank 170-1
radiator service 170-11
temperature gauge quick check 170-3
thermostat quick check 170-3
thermostat, replacing 170-9
troubleshooting 170-2
warnings and cautions 170-2
Crankshaft position/rpm sensor
See Ignition system
Crash sensor
See Airbag system (SRS)
CV joint
See Maintenance program
See also Rear suspension
Cylinder head and valvetrain
general information 116-1
camshaft 116-7
camshafts, removing/installing
(M42 engine) 116-1
camshafts, removing/installing
(M44 engine) 116-3
camshafts, removing/installing
(6-cylinder engine) 116-4
cylinder head, disassembly/assembly 116-1
cylinder head and valvetrain, reconditioning 116-7
cylinder head 116-7
hydraulic cam followers, checking and replacing (M42 and all 6-cylinder engines) 116-9
hydraulic valve adjusters, checking and replacing (M44 Engine) 116-8
valve guides 116-10
valve seats 116-12
valve springs 116-12
valve stem oil seals 116-11
valves 116-11
valves, leak test 116-11
valves, removing/installing 116-6
Cylinder head removal and installation
general information 113-1
cylinder head, removing/installing (4-cylinder engine) 113-1
cylinder head (6-cylinder engine), removing/installing 113-10


See Interior trim
Deck lid
See Trunk lid
See Heating
See Final drive
DISA (dual resonance intake system)
See Fuel injection
See also Engine?general
DME (digital motor electronics)
See Ignition system
See also Fuel injection
Door glass
See Door windows
Door windows
general information 512-1
front door window (2-door models)
adjusting 512-7
removing/installing 512-5
front door window (4-door models)
initializing 512-1
removing/installing 512-2
rear door window (4-door models)
removing/installing 512-4
fixed glass, removing/installing 512-4
rear vent window or vent latch, replacing (2-door models) 512-11
window regulator and motor, removing/installing 512-12
window regulator service 512-12
Door check
See Doors
Door handle
See Central locking and anti-theft
Door panel
See Doors
general information 411-1
door adjustment 411-2
door check, replacing 411-2
door panels 411-3
doors 411-1
front or rear door, removing/installing 411-1
front door panel, removing/installing 411-3
rear door panel, removing/installing 411-4
rear side panel, removing/installing (two-door model) 411-4
Drive axle
Rear suspension
Driveability troubleshooting
general information 260-1
center bearing assembly, replacing 260-6
driveshaft, aligning 260-3
driveshaft, installing 260-4
driveshaft, removing 260-4
driveshaft service 260-3
flex-disc, replacing 260-5
front centering guide, replacing 260-7
See flex-disc
troubleshooting 260-1


ECM (engine control module) pin assignment
See Fuel injection
Electrical circuit
See Electrical system?general
Electrical component locations
general information 610-1
auxiliary relay panel 610-2
component location table 610-9
component locations 610-3
fuse position tables 610-19
fuse positions 610-1
relay positions 610-2
splice panel, left 610-2
splice panel, right 610-3
Electrical system?general
general information 600-1
continuity, checking 600-5
electrical test equipment 600-2
safety precautions 600-1
short circuits 600-5
short circuit, testing with ohmmeter 600-6
short circuit, testing with voltmeter 600-6
troubleshooting 600-3
voltage, measuring 600-4
voltage and polarity 600-1
voltage and voltage drops 600-4
voltage drop, testing 600-4
wiring codes and abbreviations 600-2
wiring diagrams 600-2
wiring, fuses and relays 600-1
Electrical wiring diagrams
general information ELE-1
wiring diagrams ELE-2
airbag (supplemental
restraint system) ELE-140
air conditioning and heating ELE-129
anti-theft (Alpine) system ELE-144
anti-theft (EWS II) ELE-150
body computer module ELE-176
charging system ELE-67
convertible top ELE-253
cruise control ELE-112
data link connector ELE-86
engine cooling ELE-94
engine management ELE-70
exterior lights ELE-194
ground distribution ELE-35
headlights/foglights ELE-180
Electrical wiring diagrams (cont.)
heated seats ELE-245
horns ELE-153
instrument panel ELE-165
interior lights/illumination ELE-211
lumbar control ELE-247
on-board computer ELE-173
park ventilation ELE-139
power distribution ELE-2
power door locks ELE-226
power mirrors ELE-241
power seats ELE-243
power sunroof ELE-248
power windows ELE-231
radio/cassette/CD/speakers ELE-255
rear window defogger ELE-160
shift interlock ELE-110
starting ELE-63
transmission electronics ELE-96
warning systems: chimes ELE-178
wiper/washer ELE-154
See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
general information 100-1
air flow measurement and vacuum leaks 100-12
basic engine settings 100-11
basic requirements 100-11
battery voltage 100-12
connecting rods and pistons 100-1
cooling system 100-5
cylinder block and crankshaft 100-1
cylinder compression, checking 100-6
cylinder head and valvetrain 100-2
DISA (dual resonance intake system) 100-3, 130-3
driveability troubleshooting 100-8
engine management system 100-3
fuel delivery 100-5
fuel supply 100-14
ground connections 100-13
ignition 100-5
lubrication system 100-5
mechanical troubleshooting 100-5
on-board diagnostics (OBD) 100-8
oxygen sensors 100-11
preventive maintenance 100-11
VANOS (variable valve timing) 100-2
warnings and cautions 100-5
wiring and harness connections 100-13
Engine control module (ECM)
See Fuel injection
Engine removal and installation
general information 110-1
engine, removing/installing (4-cylinder engines) 110-1
engine, removing/installing (6-cylinder engines) 110-4
Engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor
See Fuel injection
Engine hood
See Fenders, engine hood
See Air conditioning
EWS (Electronic immobilization system) 515-8
Exhaust system
See also Maintenance program
general information 180-1
exhaust manifolds, removing/installing 180-5
exhaust system, removing/installing 180-3
Expansion valve
Air conditioning
Exterior lighting
general information 630-1
center brake light housing, replacing (4-door and coupe models) 630-5
foglight assembly, removing/installing 630-3
front turn signal assembly, removing/installing 630-4
headlight assembly, removing/installing 630-2
headlight bulb, replacing 630-1
license plate light, removing/installing 630-6
side marker lights 630-4
taillight assembly, removing/installing 630-5
taillight bulbs, replacing 630-4
Exterior trim, bumpers
general information 510-1
BMW emblem, removing/installing 510-7
body side molding, replacing -7
bumper height, adjusting 510-6
front bumper, removing/installing 510-3
front bumper impact absorber, replacing 510-4
front panel, removing/installing 510-7
outside rear view mirrors 510-1
mirror housing, removing/installing 510-1
mirror, removing/installing 510-2
mirror glass, replacing 510-1
radiator grille, removing/installing
rear bumper, removing/installing 510-4
rear bumper impact absorber, replacing 510-4


Fenders, engine hood
general information 410-1
front fenders 410-1
front fender, removing/installing
hood aligning 410-4
hood, raising to service position 410-2
hood release cable and latches, adjusting 410-4
hood, removing/installing 410-3
Final drive
general information 331-1
final drive service 331-1
flange oil seal, replacing 331-2
input shaft oil seal, replacing 331-3
oil, draining/filling 331-1
oil seals 331-1
removing/installing 331-3
Final drive carrier
See Rear suspension
Firing order
See Ignition system
Flex disc
See Driveshaft
Fluids and lubricants
See Maintenance program
See Exterior lighting
Front suspension
general information 310-1
ball joint
outer control arm ball joint
control arm, removing/installing
control arm bushing, replacing 310-7
control arms 310-5
front wheel bearing, replacing 310-8
front wheel bearings 310-8
outer control arm ball joint, replacing (except M3) 310-6
ride height 310-4
shock absorbers and springs 310-2
stabilizer bar 310-9
stabilizer bar, removing/installing
strut assembly, disassembling/assembling 310-4
strut assembly, removing/installing 310-2
subframe crossmember 310-9
subframe crossmember, removing/installing 310-9
Fuel injection
general information 130-2
basic engine settings 130-2
principles of operation 130-2
Bosch DME M1.7 component tests and repairs 130-14
air flow sensor, testing/replacing 130-14
engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, testing/replacing 130-15
idle speed control valve, testing/replacing 130-16
throttle position sensor (TPS), testing/replacing 130-16
Bosch DME M3.1 and M3.3.1 component tests and repairs 130-17
engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, testing/replacing 130-18
idle speed control valve, replacing 130-21
idle speed control valve, testing 130-20
intake air temperature (IAT) sensor, testing/replacing 130-19
mass air flow sensor 130-17
Bosch DME M3.1 and M3.3.1 (cont)
mass air flow sensor (hot film) testing/replacing 130-18
mass air flow sensor (hot wire) testing/replacing 130-17
throttle position sensor (TPS), testing/replacing 130-19
Bosch DME M5.2 component replacement 130-21
engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, replacing 130-22
idle speed control valve, replacing 130-23
intake air temperature (IAT) sensor, replacing 130-22
mass air flow sensor, replacing 130-22
throttle position sensor (TPS), replacing 130-22
DISA (dual resonance intake system) 130-3
ECM pin assignments 130-26
electrical checks and component testing 130-7
engine control module(ECM), accessing 130-26
fuel delivery tests 130-9
fuel pressure regulator response to engine load, testing 130-11
fuel pressure regulator 130-13
fuel pressure regulator, replacing (fuel rail mount) 130-13
fuel pressure regulator, replacing (under car mount) 130-14
fuel pump relay, testing 130-7
fuel rail and injectors, checking
fuel rail and injectors, replacing 130-12
fuel delivery tests (cont.)
operating fuel pump for tests 130-9
relieving fuel pressure and connecting fuel pressure gauge 130-10
residual fuel pressure, testing 130-10
main relay, testing 130-7
on-board diagnostics (OBD) and fault diagnosis 130-4
oxygen sensor, testing (Bosch systems only) 130-8
secondary air injection 130-5
Siemens MS 41.1 component replacement 130-23
engine coolant temperature (ECT) sensor, replacing 130-25
idle speed control valve, replacing 130-26
intake air temperature (IAT) sensor, replacing 130-25
mass air flow sensor, replacing 130-25
throttle position sensor (TPS), replacing 130-26
warnings and cautions 130-6
Fuel filter
See Maintenance program
Fuel pressure regulator
See Fuel injection
Fuel pump
general information 160-1
electrical tests 160-7
power consumption, testing 160-7
delivery tests160-8
delivery volume, testing g 160-9
electrical circuit, checking 160-7
fuse and relay 160-6
level sender
pump/fuel level sender
operating fuel pump for tests 160-6
pump/fuel level sender (left side), removing/installing 160-6
pump/fuel level sender (right side), removing/installing 160-5
relieving fuel pressure and connecting fuel pressure gauge 160-8
Fuel tank and lines
general information 160-1
draining 160-2
evaporative control system 160-4
level senders, testing 160-5
removing/installing 160-3
Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
general information 010-1
advice for the beginner 010-4
cleanliness 010-4
electrical testing 010-6
gaskets and seals 010-5
non-reusable fasteners 010-5
planning ahead 010-4
tightening fasteners 010-5
wire repairs 010-6
buying parts 010-6
genuine BMW parts 010-6
information you need to know 010-7
non-returnable parts 010-7
emergencies 010-11
brake fluid level 010-13
car will not start 010-11
changing a tire 010-11
check engine warning light 010-13
dim lights 010-13
jump starting car 010-12
low oil pressure 010-13
overheating 010-12
Emergencies (cont.)
spare parts kit 010-14
towing 010-13
getting started 010-2
lifting the car 010-3
raising car safely 010-3
safety 010-2
working under car safely 010-4
how to use this manual 010-2
warnings, cautions and notes 010-2
service 010-7
tools 010-7
basic tool requirements 010-8
BMW special tools 010-11
feeler gauges 010-10
jack stands 010-9
oil change equipment 010-9
torque wrench 010-10
volt-ohm meter (VOM) or Multi-meter 010-10
See Electrical component locations


See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
See Gearshift linkage
Gearshift linkage
general information 250-1
automatic shiftlock, checking function 250-5
automatic transmission gearshift 250-3
gear position/neutral safety switch, replacing (automatic transmission) 250-4
gearshift lever, installing (manual transmission) 250-2
gearshift lever, removing (manual transmission) 250-1
gearshift mechanism, adjusting (automatic transmission) 250-3
manual transmission gearshift 250-1
shift interlock, checking function (automatic transmission) 250-6
See Door windows
Glove compartment
See Interior trim
See Exterior trim, bumpers
Guibo (flex disc)
See Driveshaft


Handle, door
See Doors
See Body?general
See Exterior lighting
Headlight switch
See Switches and electrical accessories
Heater box
See Heating
Heater core
See Heating
Heater valve
See Heating
general information 640-1
air distribution motors 640-9
air distribution motor, replacing (rotary knob) 640-10
blower motor, removing/installing
blower motor resistor pack, replacing 640-3
control head 640-7
removing/installing (digital-display) 640-8
removing/installing (rotary knob) 640-7
control module
removing/installing (digital-display) 640-8
removing/installing (rotary knob) 640-8
heater box, removing 640-4
heater core, replacing 640-6
heater core temperature sensor, replacing 640-7
heater valve, replacing 640-3
rear window blower (convertible models) 640-10
rear window defogger 640-10
sensor fan for interior temperature, replacing 640-9
warnings and cautions 640-11
See Fenders, engine hood


Idle speed
See Maintenance program
Idle speed control valve
See Fuel injection
Ignition switch
See Switches and electrical accessories
Ignition system
general information 120-1
basic troubleshooting principles 120-3
camshaft position (CMP) sensor 120-6
camshaft position (CMP) sensor, replacing (4-cylinder engine) 120-6
camshaft position (CMP) sensor, replacing (6-cylinder engines) 120-7
checking for spark 120-3
crankshaft position/rpm sensor 120-5
crankshaft position/rpm sensor, testing/replacing (front mounted sensor) 120-6
crankshaft position/rpm sensor, testing (rear mounted sensor) 120-6
disabling ignition system 120-2
ignition coil, testing and replacing (4-cylinder engines) 120-3
ignition coil, testing and replacing (6-cylinder engines) 120-4
ignition firing order 120-7
ignition system diagnostics 120-3
ignition system schematics 120-7
ignition system service 120-3
knock sensors, replacing 120-7
warnings and cautions 120-2
Inspection I and Inspection II
See Maintenance program
Instrument panel
See interior trim
general information 620-1
instrument cluster, removing/installing 620-1
instrument cluster, self-testing 620-1
instrument cluster bulbs, replacing 620-2
multi-information display (MID), 620-4
multi-information display (MID), removing/installing 620-4
odometer coding plug, replacing 620-2
vehicle speed sensor, replacing 620-3
Intake manifold
4-cylinder engine, removing 113-3
6-cylinder engine, removing 113-11
See also Cylinder head removal and installation
Intake air temperature sensor
See Fuel injection
Interior trim
general information 513-1
center console, removing/installing 513-1
dashboard, removing/installing 513-3
glove compartment, removing/installing 513-2
lower left dash panel, removing/installing 513-2


Jump starting 010-12


Knock sensor
See Ignition system


Leather upholstery
See Maintenance program
Level sender
See Fuel pump
Lubrication system
general information 119-1
oil pan, removing/installing
(4-cylinder engines) 119-2
oil pan, removing/installing
(6-cylinder engine, 1992 models) 119-4
oil pan 119-2
oil pan, removing/installing
(6-cylinder engine, 1993 and later models) 119-6
oil pressure, checking 119-1
oil pressure warning system, testing 119-2
oil pump 119-8
oil pump, removing/installing
(4-cylinder engine) 119-8
oil pump, removing/installing
(6-cylinder engine) 119-9
troubleshooting 119-1


Maintenance program
general information 020-2
accelerator and throttle linkage
air filter, replacing 020-11
automatic transmission fluid
automatic transmission service
battery, checking and cleaning
battery, replacing 020-12
BMW service indicator 020-2
body and hinges, lubricating 020-19
brake fluid 020-9
brake fluid, replacing 020-17
brake pad/rotor wear, checking
brake system, inspecting 020-17
clutch fluid, checking 020-19
cooling system service 020-14
drive axle joint boots, inspecting
engine coolant (anti-freeze) 020-9
engine drive belts 020-13
engine oil, checking level 020-9
engine oil and filter, changing 020-9
engine oil service 020-9
exhaust system, inspecting 020-18
exterior washing 020-20
final drive gear oil 020-9
final drive oil level, checking 020-18
front suspension and steering linkages, inspecting 020-18
fuel filter, replacing 020-16
fuel tank and fuel lines, inspecting 020-19
idle speed 020-12
inspection I and inspection II 020-2
interior care 020-20
leather upholstery and trim 020-20
maintenance tables 020-3
manual transmission fluid, checking and filling 020-18
manual transmission fluid 020-8
manual transmission service 020-18
oxygen sensors 020-15
parking brake, checking 020-17
polishing 020-20
poly-ribbed belt, replacing 020-13
power steering fluid 020-9
power steering fluid, checking level 020-14
rear suspension, inspecting 020-18
resetting service indicator 020-3
seat belts 020-20
spark plugs, replacing 020-11
special cleaning 020-20
tires, checking inflation pressure
tires, rotating 020-17
v-belt, replacing 020-13
washing chassis 020-20
waxing 020-20
windshield wiper blade maintenance 020-19
wheels, aligning 020-17
Manual transmission
See also Maintenance program
See also Transmission?general
general information 230-1
back-up light switch, replacing 230-2
input shaft seal, replacing (transmission installed) 230-5
output shaft seal, replacing (transmission installed) 230-4
selector shaft seal, replacing (transmission installed) 230-3
transmission fluid, replacing 230-2
transmission fluid level, checking 230-2
transmission fluid service 230-1
transmission removal and installation 230-5
transmission, removing/installing 230-6
transmission service 230-2
Mass air flow sensor
See Fuel Injection
Master cylinder
See Brakes
See also Clutch
Mechanical troubleshooting
See Engine?general
See Air conditioning
See Exterior trim, bumpers
See Exhaust system
Multi-information display (MID)
See Instruments


Neutral safety switch
See Gearshift linkage


Oil, changing
See Maintenance program
Oil pan
See Lubrication system
Oil pressure
See Lubrication system
Oil pump
See Lubrication system
On-board diagnostics (OBD)
See Engine?general
See also Fuel injection
See also Ignition system
On-board trip computer
See Multi-information display 620-4
Oxygen sensor
See Engine?general
See also Fuel injection
See also Maintenance program


Parking brake
See Brakes
See also Maintenance program
See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
Poly-ribbed belt
See Maintenance program
Power steering
See Steering and wheel alignment
Power steering fluid
See Maintenance program


See Cooling system
general information 650-1
audio system 650-1
radio connector 650-6
removing/installing 650-2
door panel speaker, removing/installing 650-5
left footwell speaker, removing/installing 650-3
rear speaker, removing/installing 650-5
right footwell speaker, removing/installing 650-4
Rear suspension
See also Maintenance program
general information 330-1
coil spring, removing/installing 330-4
CV boot, replacing 330-8
drive axle, removing/installing 330-6
drive axles 330-6
final drive carrier 330-12
final drive carrier, removing/installing 330-12
lower control arm, removing/installing 330-12
rear shock absorber, removing/installing 330-3
rear suspension arms 330-9
ride height 330-1
shock absorbers and springs 330-2
trailing arm, removing/installing
trailing arm bushing, replacing
upper control arm, removing/installing 330-12
rear wheel bearing, replacing 330-5
rear wheel bearings 330-4
Rear view mirror
See Exterior trim, bumpers
See Air conditioning
See Electrical component locations
Ride height
See Front suspension or Rear suspension
Ring antenna
See Central locking and anti-theft
See Convertible top
See also Sunroof
See Exterior trim, bumpers


Seat belts
general information 720-1
automatic front seat belt lock tensioners 720-2
center rear lap-belt, removing/installing 720-5
front seat belt reel, removing/installing 720-3
mechanical spring tensioner, disarming 720-2
rear seat belt, removing/installing (fixed seat back models) 720-4
rear seat belt, removing/installing (fold-down seat back models) 720-5
general information 520-1
front seats 520-1
manual front seat assembly 520-3
power front seat assembly 520-4
removing/installing 520-1
rear seats 520-5
rear seat cushion and backrest, removing/installing (fixed seat back models) 520-5
rear seat cushion and backrest, removing/installing (fold-down seat back models) 520-5
rear seat backrest side section, removing/installing (fold-down seat back models) 520-6
Shift interlock
See Gearshift linkage
Shift lever
See Gearshift linkage
See Gearshift linkage
Shock absorber
See Front suspension
See also Rear suspension
Side-impact airbag
See Airbag system (SRS)
Slave cylinder
See Clutch
Service indicator
See Maintenance program
See Battery, starter, alternator
See Ignition system
Spark plugs
See Maintenance program
See Radio
SRS (Supplemental restraint system)
See Airbag system (SRS)
See Battery, starter, alternator
Steering and wheel alignment
general information 320-1
caster and camber 320-5
front toe-in and toe difference angle 320-6
outer tie rod end, replacing 320-4
power steering pump, removing/installing 320-2
power steering system 320-2
power steering system, bleeding/filling 320-3
rear toe-in 320-6
steering gear 320-3
steering gear rack, removing/installing 320-3
steering wheel 320-1
steering wheel, removing/installing 320-1
tie rod, replacing 320-5
wheel alignment 320-5
wheel alignment specifications 320-6
Steering gear
See steering and wheel alignment
See Front suspension
See Front suspension
general information 540-1
motor, removing/installing 540-3
panel, adjusting 540-2
panel, emergency closing 540-2
Suspension, front
See Front suspension
Suspension, rear
See Rear suspension
Suspension, steering and brakes
general information 300-1
all season traction (AST) 300-4
antilock brake system (ABS) 300-2
brakes 300-2
front suspension 300-1
integrated systems 300-2
M3 suspension and brakes 300-7
steering 300-2
rear suspension 300-2
suspension and steering troubleshooting 300-7
tires and wheels 300-2
Switches and electrical accessories
general information 612-1
dome light, rear map lights, trunk light, replacing bulbs 612-7
hazard warning switch, replacing
headlight switch, replacing 612-5
foglight switch, replacing 612-5
ignition electrical switch, replacing 612-3
ignition lock cylinder, replacing 612-4
ignition switch assembly 612-3
outside mirror switch, replacing 612-6
power window switch, replacing 612-5
turn signal switch and wiper switch, removing/installing 612-1
wiper switch
See turn signal and wiper switch


See Exterior lighting
See Cooling system
Throttle position sensor (TPS)
See Fuel injection
Throw-out bearing
See Clutch
Tie rod
See Steering and wheel alignment
See Suspension, steering and brakes?general
See also Maintenance program
Timing chain
See Camshaft timing chain
See Steering and wheel alignment
See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
Torque convertor
See Automatic transmission
See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
Traction control
See also Suspension, steering and brakes?general
Trailing arm
See Rear suspension
See also Automatic transmission
See also Manual transmission
general information 200-1
automatic transmission 200-1
manual transmission 200-1
transmission ID codes 200-2
Transmission fluid
See Maintenance program
See also Automatic transmission
Transmission input shaft
See Manual transmission
Transmission output shaft
See Manual transmission
Trim, interior
See Interior trim
Trunk lid
general information 412-1
trunk lid, 412-1
trunk lid, aligning 412-1
trunk lid, removing/installing 412-1
trunk lid support strut, removing/installing 412-2


See Maintenance program
See Driveshaft


See Maintenance program
Vacuum booster
See Brakes
Vacuum leaks
See Engine?general
Valve guides
See Cylinder head and valvetrain
Valve seals
See Cylinder head and valvetrain
Valve seats
See Cylinder head and valvetrain
See Cylinder head and valvetrain
See Cylinder head and valvetrain
VANOS (variable valve timing)
See Camshaft timing chain
See also Engine?general
Vehicle identification number (VIN)
See Fundamentals for the do-it-yourself owner
Vehicle speed sensor
See Instruments
See Air conditioning
See also Heating
Voltage regulator
See Battery, starter, alternator
Voltage tests
See Electrical system?general


Warnings vii
Washer fluid pump
See Wipers and washers
See Wipers and washers
Water pump
See Cooling system
See Maintenance program
Wheel bearings
See Front suspension or Rear suspension
Wheel, steering
See Steering and wheel alignment
See Maintenance program
Window regulator
See Door windows
Window switch
See Switches and electrical accessories
Windows, door
See Door windows
Windshield wipers and washers
See Wipers and washers
See also Maintenance program
Wiper motor
See Wipers and washers
Wipers and washers
general information 611-1
washer fluid level sensor, replacing (models with check control) 611-10
washer fluid pump, replacing 611-9
washer fluid reservoir, replacing 611-9
windshield spray nozzle, removing/installing 611-9
windshield wiper assembly, removing/installing (4-door models) 611-3
windshield wiper assembly, removing/installing (2-door models) 611-5
wiper arms, removing/installing 611-2
wiper blade inserts, replacing 611-2
wiper blade cleaning problems 611-1
wiper blades, replacing 611-1
wiper motor, removing/installing 611-8
Wiring diagrams
See Electrical wiring diagrams


See Airbag system (SRS)
See Central body electronics
See Central locking