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Toronto Star - April 16, 2002

BMW book overwhelms with detail: BMW 3 Series Enthusiasts Companion

Jeremy Walton's new book BMW 3 Series Enthusiasts Companion has to be, pound for pound, (literally), one of the most detailed books I've ever read.
It starts off with the history of the 3 Series from its humble beginnings as the 2002 BMW through to the car we know today.
Walton goes on to chronicle the 3-Series climb to cult status through technical superiority, racing and the company's determination to make their best-selling car even better.
He backs this up with plenty of pictures and illustrations that help you better understand his technical references. Also, included are performance figures, sales and production numbers, 3 Series specifications and even buying tips for those who are looking to purchase.
One of the things I personally liked about the book is that Walton covers all the 3 Series cars, not just the European or North American Models. This really gives the reader a better insight into how some models evolved. For example, it explains the fact the introduction of the North American models often follows their European counterparts by a few years.
Now, I have to admit this book isn't an easy read, but it is a great read for those who are real fans of the 3-series.
- by Glen Konorowski