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BMW Profiles 6: Formula Racing 1966-2000

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BMW Profiles 6: Formula Racing 1966-2000

In the 6th Profiles volume BMW Formula Racing, a more than 30-year Formula racing tradition is grippingly and informatively delineated, from the World Champion turbo all the way to BMW WilliamsF1. It promises fascinating insights into the work of famous drivers and engineers.

It all began in 1966 with an old Formula 1 Brabham. By driving it to world records, Alex von Falkenhausen demonstrated the potential of BMW's four-cylinder engine. After a substantial development effort, BMW went on to dominate the European Formula 2 Championship.

BMW also chose four cylinders - plus a turbocharger - for Formula 1. It led the way in the use of electronics, telemetry and materials research. In 1983 Nelson Piquet became world. driving champion in a Brabham-BMW.

A Formula 1 comeback was made in 2000 with the BMW Williams F1 team. The fruit of a programme of continuous racing engine development, a V10 engine with BMW's own electronic controls was created in Munich.

In this volume the technology, its creators, the racing cars, the drivers and the results of BMW's formula racing history are comprehensively presented in words and pictures for the first time.

BMW Profiles 6: Formula Racing
BMW Profiles 6: Formula Racing
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