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Press reviews for Antique and Classic Cars: Their Maintenance and Operation

"Wheatley and Morgan practiced what they preached, restoring and maintaining a plethora of their own cars...If you've never heard of decarbonizing a motor or Late/Early controls on a steering wheel, or an artillery wheel, or a trembler coil this book will be a veritable education in what makes a car run. You'll be the better for knowing such things even if all you see in your modern car is acres of plastic when you pop the hood...Only with the benefit of hindsight do we now recognize that Wheatley and Morgan's erudite writing style, par for the course in their time and honed over many a shared pint and heaps of food, is something to be cherished in our 140-character Twitterworld."

December 10, 2015

"The Restoration of Vintage and Thoroughbred Cars" by the same authors became a classic and this book is a most welcome sequel. The subject matter is obvious from the book's title and the thorough approach to it is ensured by the talented authorship. The book is nicely illustrated, with good photographs, and drawings by R.F. Neale. It is all set down, from replacing a worn shackle-pin to driving a vintage car in a race, from laying up an aged car for storage to finding the right club to suit a one-make interest. Legal aspects of the old-car hobby, maintenance for different purposes - it is all there for the reading, by writers who have been through it all themselves, with very notable results...strongly recommend."

Motor Sport Magazine
June 1976