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Audi A3 2006 - Running Gear Technical Service Training Self-Study Program

Audi A3 table of contents:
The 2006 A3
Systems and Components

Front Axle
Front Axle

Rear Axle
Rear Axle
Front Trac
Axle Geometry

Electro-Mechanical Power Steering System
Electro-Mechanical Power Steering Indicator Lamp K161
Electro-Mechanical Power Steering Motor V187
Power Steering Control Module J500
Functional Diagram
Steering Wheels
Steering Column

Brake System
Brake Caliper Assemblies
ABS/ESP Brake System
Brake Pressure Sensor 1 G201
CAN-Bus Communication
Hand brake

Pedal Assemblies
Accelerator Pedal Position Sensors G79 and G185
Clutch Position Sensor G476

Special Tools

Knowledge Assessment