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Audi A3 2006 - Electrical System Technical Service Training Self-Study Program

Audi A3 table of contents:
CAN-Bus Topology
Drivetrain CAN-Bus Control Modules
Convenience CAN-Bus Control Modules
Infotainment CAN-Bus Control Modules
Instrument Cluster and Diagnosis CAN-Bus Control Modules
CAN Node Points

Control Modules
Data Bus On Board Diagnostic Interface (Gateway) J533
Transport Mode
Vehicle Electrical System Control Module J519
Windshield Wiper System
Headlight Washer System
Comfort System Central Control Module J393
Anti-Theft Alarm (ATA)
Alarm Horn H12
Inclination-/Anti-Theft Control Module J529
Door Control Modules J386, J387, J388 and J389
Steering Column Electronic Systems Control Module J527
Instrument Cluster Control Module J285

Distributed Functions
Hazard Warning
Left Turn Signal

Sound Systems
Navigation Plus (RNS-E)
Antenna Systems

Occupant Protection
Safety Systems
Battery Switch-Off Relay J655
Battery Interrupt Igniter N253

Knowledge Assessment