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VW Tech Talk on DVD 2000-Mar-14

Tech Talk Broadcasts on DVD

by Volkswagen of America, Service Training Team

DVD, 4 x 3 fullscreen
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1476-2
Price: $29.95

Volkswagen Tech Talk DVD Video

Bentley Publishers is proud to present Volkswagen Tech Talk sessions on DVD. Volkswagen Tech Talk is a monthly training session telecast to Volkswagen technicians nationwide, who watch live, as the instructors explore new models and new technologies in order to prepare the technicians for servicing newer and more complex vehicles.

Topics covered: March 14, 2000

  • VAS 5051 tips
  • Diagnosing Glow plugs
  • TDI injection pump timing
  • Readiness code
  • VESIS TechTips - Joey Heard

VW Tech Talk on DVD 2000-Mar-14
VW Tech Talk on DVD 2000-Mar-14
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ISBN: 978-0-8376-1476-2 (ISBN-13)
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