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Jaguar E-Type Series 2 4.2 and 2+2 Driver's Handbook

Jaguar Driver's Handbook table of contents
Accelerator pedal
Air cleaner
Air conditioning system
Automatic transmission-checking fluid level
Automatic transmission indicator bulb-replacement
Automatic transmission-operation
Automatic transmission-shift speeds

Backlight heater indicator bulb-replacement
Battery indicator
Battery-electrolyte level
Battery connections
Bleeding brake hydraulic system
Bonnet lock
Brake fluid level/handbrake warning light
Brake lights
Brake fluid level
Brake fluid-renewal
Brake pedal

Car identification
Carburetters-cleaning filters
Carburetters-fast idle setting
Carburetters-piston damper lubrication
Carburetters-slow running
Check service (3,000 miles)
Chromium plate
Clutch-bleeding hydraulic system
Clutch-fluid level
Clutch pedal
Cigar lighter
Coolant level-checking
Cooling system-care of
Cooling system-refilling
Crankcase breather

Dimensions and weights
Distributor-checking contact points
Door locks
Door drain holes

Electric clock
Electric clock-battery renewal
Electrically heated backlight
Engine oil-checking
Engine oil-changing

Final drive unit-checking oil level
Final drive unit-oil changing
Flashing indicator warning light
Flashing direction indicator
Free service
Friction pads-examination for wear
Friction pads-renewal
Frost precautions
Front wheel alignment
Front wheel camber angle
Front wheel castor angle
Front wheel bearings
Fuel tank filler
Fuel level gauge
Fuel level warning light
Fuel feed line filter
Front flasher bulb-replacement

Gear lever
Gearbox-checking oil level
Gearbox-oil changing
General data

Half shafts
Handbrake mechanism
Handbrake cable adjustment
Handbrake lever
Headlamp beam setting
Headlamp unit-replacement
Headlamp dipper
Headlamp warning light
Headlamp flasher
Heating and ventilating equipment
Hood-open 2-seater
Hood-lowering and raising
Horn switch

Ignition warning light
Ignition/starter switch
Ignition timing-checking
Interior light switch
Interior lamp bulb-replacement
Interior/luggage lamp bulb-replacement
Instrument panel switches

Lamp bulbs
Lighting switch
Luggage compartment illumination
Luggage compartment (open 2-seater)
Luggage compartment (Fixed head coupe and 2 + 2)

Major service (12,000 miles)
Major service (36,000 miles)
Map light
Minor service (6,000 miles)
Mixture control warning light

Number plate lamp bulb-replacement

Oil can lubrication
Oil filter element
Oil pressure gauge

Panel light switch
Pivot bearings-outer
Pivot bearings-inner

Rear wheel bearings
Rear wheel camber angle
Rear/brake bulb-replacement
Rear flasher bulb-replacement
Rear seat squab (2 + 2)
Recommended lubricants
Recommended hydraulic fluid
Revolution counter
Reverse lamp bulb-replacement
Road speed/R.P.M. data
Running-in instructions

Seat adjustment
Seat back panel (Fixed head coupe)
Shock absorbers-front
Shock absorbers-rear
Sidelamp bulb-replacement
Sparking plugs
Spare wheel and jacking equipment
Starting and driving
Steering housing
Steering tie-rods
Steering wheel adjustment

Tools .. .
Top timing chain tension
Traffic hazard warning device
Traffic hazard indicator bulb-replacement
Tire pressures
Tire replacement


Water temperature gauge
Water pump and alternator drive belt
Wheel changing
Wheel swivels
Windscreen washer
Windscreen wipers