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This is it! This is the bible for 5.0 Mustang and Capri owners. We stumbled across this book and couldn't believe we hadn't heard of it sooner. Former Car Craft and Hot Rod Editor Al Kirschenbaum has put together the definiative resource for 5.0 enthusiasts. This book contains all the factory engine, drivetrain and body specifications, as well as information on rebuilding, repairing, and performance enhancments. There are chapters dedicated to Special Service vehicles, as well as Cobras. With nearly 500 pages of technical information on the Fox body Mustangs, this book will keep you busy for a long time to come. At $34 it is not the cheapest book we reviewed, but it is by far the most information we've seen between two covers.

Check out these Topics:
-Complete door tag and VIN translations, plus V-8 engine, transmission and rear end codes.

-A year-by-year (1979-93) review of what Ford built, with a breakdown of powertrain and driveline specs for V-8- Ford Mustang and Mercury Capri models. Restorers! Read this reference guide before you turn a wrench.

-Critical specs and detailed data on all production 5.0-liter H.O. and GT-40 engine hardware including, blocks, cranks, pistons, rods, heads, cams, intake, ignition, exhaust and cooling systems, as well as all factory-fitted transmissions and rear ends, plus suggested upgrades.

-Complete specifications on original equipment suspension, braking and steering systems, as well as popular improvement paths and equipment.

-Comprehensive coverage of the limited-production 1993 Mustang Cobra and the already rare 1993 Cobra R-Model.

-A complete review of Fox-body Mustang police cars, with detailed discussions of their Special Service systems and equipment.

-Parts and systems replacements include interchangability, conversions, and swaps. Hands-on tips and tricks reveal low-cost horsepower sources. Analysis of the most effective approaches to improving a 5-liter Mustang's output: supercharging, nitrous-oxide, turbocharging and increased displacement.

-Owners of 5-liter 1994-95 V-8 Mustangs and 1996-and-later Explorers and Mountaineers will find applicable cross-over data in the coverage of Ford's fuel-injected small-block V-8.

-FORDMUSCLE.com webmagazine, September 2000