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Member Center

What is the Bentley Publishers Member Center?

The Bentley Publishers Member Center is a section of our website that's designed for you to manage your vehicle interests, communications preferences and contact information. It's also where records are kept of any product registrations you may have with Bentley Publishers. You can access the Member Center at www.BentleyPublishers.com/membercenter.

Why should I register with the Member Center?

Registering with a valid email address enables us to give you online software technical support. Registration also allows for content and software upgrades through the "Check for Updates" function in eBahnr Version 3.0. You'll also be able to manage your eBahnr manuals, participate in online technical discussions and much more.

How do I set up a profile in the Member Center?

All you have to do is follow the link to the Member Center at the top of any Bentley Publishers page. You'll be prompted to enter your email address and to select a password to use. Once you've entered the Member Center, you can edit your shipping and billing addresses, communication preferences, download and upgrade eBahn products and post to the Technical Forums.

I forgot my password, what do I do?

If you forget your password you can request that it be emailed to the email address in your profile by clicking the "Forgot your password?" button on the login screen.

How do I change my password or other information?

Through the Account tab in the Member Center you can change your password and other information whenever you need to.

How do I get off your mailing list/email list?

Through the Communication tab in the Member Center you can specify what you want to be notified of or whether you want to be notified at all.

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