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Here is where you can find answers to some frequently asked questions. Please read through the following list to see if the answer you need is here.

Quick reference guide to eBahn® Desktop Version 3.x

Activating the Software

Licensing and Serial Numbers

Using the Software

Software and Hardware Compatibility

Upgrading to eBahn® Desktop Version 3.x


Activating the Software

How do I activate?

There are two options for activating your eBahn® manual, one if you have a live Internet connection and one if you do not.

Registering on a PC with Internet access

  1. Double-click the eBahn icon
  2. If an activation page does not appear, click License Manager - Activate content
  3. Select `yes' for Internet Connection and click Next
  4. Enter the serial number to be activated and click Next
  5. Your content activation key will be e-mailed to you. Copy the activation key and paste onto the registration page. You can hold down the Ctrl button and press V to paste.

Registering on an PC without Internet access

Although the computer that you install the eBahn software on does not have to have an Internet connection, you will need to have access to a computer that does in order to activate the content. Below are instructions to activate the eBahn program on a PC without Internet access:

Obtaining the activation key

  1. Double-click the eBahn icon
  2. If an activation page does not appear, click License Manager - Activate content
  3. Select `no' for Internet Connection and click Next
  4. Enter the serial number to be activated and click Next
  5. A page that says 'Obtain the Content Activation' will appear.
  6. Print this page for reference. You will need the computer ID and computer nickname.

Activating your eBahn Software Package

  1. Go to www.bentleypublishers.com and click 'Member Center' at the top.
  2. Log in with your e-mail address and password.
  3. Click the 'Products' tab (Note: If the serial numbers are not listed, enter one of them under the 'Add Product Registration' section and click `register now'.)
  4. The serial numbers will appear on your screen with an Offline Activation button.
  5. Click the Offline Activation button.
  6. Select `on new computer' and enter the Computer Name and ID that appeared on the registration screen.
  7. Click Activate and you will receive a content key.
  8. Enter the content key on the eBahn 3 registration page and you will be done.
What is activation?

Activation is a process by which Bentley Publishers can validate your content to make sure it is genuine. Activation is mandatory to view repair information. Without completing the activation process, you will not be able to view the repair information.

How does online activation work and what happens?

During online activation, a set of identifiers is sent to our servers to validate your content. These parameters are based on specific computer-based ID numbers and do not include any identifiable information. Once we have this information, we will give you an Activation Key, which will enable you to view repair information.

When do I activate?

Activation must occur before you can view your repair information. Immediately after installing the software, you will be brought to the License Manager to begin the activation process. You can choose not to activate at this point, but you will locked out from viewing content until activation is successful.

How often do I have to activate?

Activation is only required once. If you transfer your content, activation must happen to view repair information on the new computer.

Does the Activation Process include any personal information?

Yes. We require a valid email address during activation in order to offer you support for the software.

I am trying to activate my eBahn 3.x license through the Member Center and I am being asked for a computer-id. What is this and how do I get one?

The computer-id is a unique set of numbers and letters that the eBahnŽ Reader generates to identify your computer. In order to get a computer-id, you need to have installed the eBahnŽ Reader on your computer. Open the eBahnŽ Reader and click Help > About in the top menu. The computer-id, or "Device ID", can be found here.

How many times can I use my activation key?

Each Activation Key can only be used once. This is how we can protect our content from piracy and make sure that you are getting genuine repair information. If you need to transfer content to a new computer, we will provide you with a new Activation Key.

I don’t remember if I activated or not. How can I tell?

If you have not activated your content, you will not be able to view any repair information. If this is the case, simply open the Activation Wizard and follow the steps.

Why does Bentley Publishers use activation?

Activation is a verification method that gives the user greater control over their purchased product. In order to protect content and intellectual property, we require a certain set of parameters to activate the content. By using your email address, content serial number, and computer ID number, we can make sure that each license is not installed on more than one computer. The computer ID is an arbitrary number that contains no identifiable information.

I haven't received my activation key by email, what's wrong?

Check to see if you've entered the correct email address. You can check this by opening the eBahn program and clicking About under the Help menu. Make sure your email address is entered correctly (i.e., email addresses starting with "www", typos, etc.) If it isn't, contact us with the incorrectly typed email address through the Software Support Feedback Form.

Another possibility could be that your email program's spam or junk email filter is confusing our Activation Key email with spam. Activation keys are sent from the address:


Please make sure that your spam filter, or your provider's spam filter allows you to receive emails from this address. This particularly important for AOL users.

Licensing and Serial Numbers

What is an eBahn® License? What are eBahn® License Serial Numbers?

An eBahn License consists of two individual eBahn® License Serial Numbers, which are unique groups of characters that we generate. The eBahn® Desktop repair content is activated based on an eBahn® License Serial Number that you get either with the disc or purchase separately. Without activation through the License Manager, you will not be able to view the repair information on your disc.

Although the eBahn® License contains two serial numbers, you only need one of them at a time to activate content. The second one you can use as a backup or on a second computer.

If I want to transfer and activate my content on a new computer, how do I do this?

The License Manager is how you manipulate your serial numbers. It contains the ability to deactivate a serial number, which will then allow you to move content to a new computer. Once installed on the new computer, activation is the same process as it was when you first installed and activated your content.

I frequently buy new computers and find the license limitations do not work for me. Do I have any other options?

Yes. If the licensing does not work for you, you may want to consider our Web Subscriptions instead. This is the same repair information as the CD-ROMs or DVD-ROMs, but the content is accessed through our website. Any computer connected to the internet can be used to view repair information. Rather than purchasing the content, you purchase access to the content.

What happens if my computer dies or I decide to get a new one?

In the event of a system crash or computer replacement, you may lose one of your serial numbers if it was not transferred. For this reason, please do not use eBahn on a computer you know to be unstable. If you choose, you can refrain from using your second serial number on another computer and save it for backup instead.

If I want to have my content installed on a third machine, can I do this?

At this time, we do not offer the ability to purchase additional licenses. However, we plan on offering this in the future. Please visit www.bentleypublishers.com for more information.

What does it mean in the Member Center when it says that a license can be transferred 5 times until January 1, 2007? What happens if I change computers next year or the following year?

In the Member Center, you are shown how many more times your license can be transferred in the current calendar year. As of January 1, the number of transfers you are able to do resets back to the maximum number of allowed transfers, which is currently 5.

How many times can I transfer my 2 Serial Numbers?

You are given two serial numbers with each CD purchased. Each serial number can currently be transferred five times per calendar year. The number of transfers for each serial number resets to 5 on January 1st of each year.

My computer crashes often / I reformat my hard drive often. Is eBahn Desktop right for me?

No. eBahn Desktop serial numbers and activation keys are tied to a single computer during the activation process based on your computer ID. For this reason, we strongly advise that once you have activated your eBahn manual, you do not reformat or make hardware changes to your computer. If either of these happens it is likely that eBahn will not recognize your computer as the 'same' computer. If you have an unstable computer system or you need to overhaul your computer system often, we recommend that you use our eBahn Web Subscriptions instead.

I have to reformat my hard drive / reinstall Windows. What should I do with my eBahn License?

Serial numbers and activation keys are tied to a particular computer during activation. If you have to do either of these, it is likely that eBahn will not recognize your computer as the 'same' computer. Before doing these types of things to your computer, please first deactivate your serial number through the eBahn License Manager.

We currently allow up to 5 transfers per calendar year. Every January 1, the number of transfers you are able to do resets to 5. A transfer consists of a deactivation, followed by a reactivation on the same or a different computer.

Using the Software

How many computers can I view my manual on? Can I install this on more than one computer? Is eBahn® networkable?

Each CD is shipped with 2 serial numbers. This will allow you to install and view repair information on 2 machines simultaneously, although many people choose to retain one serial number as a backup. Once you have activated the software, open the eBahn® application and begin navigating through repair information. eBahn® however is not networkable.

What if I am not connected to the internet?

An internet connection is not necessary for activation, but it makes the process quick and easy. You can choose to activate offline, but this method requires additional steps. Activating offline still requires the use of the License Manager, but instead your computer sending the information to us over the internet, you must do it. The License Manager will give you a set of numbers that can be used at our online kiosk or called in to Software Support for a phone-based activation.

Can I update my eBahn® manual?

Yes! You can use the Check for Updates function to update your manual with the latest available software and content updates.

How do I know when there's an update for my eBahn® manual?

News on eBahn® updates will be announced on the eBahn Latest News page at http://www.bentleypublishers.com/ebahn/latest-news.htm.

How do I know what content is available through Check For Updates?

If you run the Check for Updates function through your manual, the program will compare the content files you have installed with what is currently available on our Check for Updates server. A window will appear telling you which repair booklets have been published with new or revised content, with checkboxes alongside each one. Click the check boxes next to the booklet names you wish to update, and Check for Updates will take care of the rest.

Check for Updates is not working and gives me an error. How can I get Check for Updates to work?

In some circumstances, users are reporting that when they try to run the Check for Updates function, they get an error message saying "Error: Update information for eBahn could not be downloaded. Please contact Robert Bentley Publishers, Inc. for help". A fix for this Check for Updates error is available through the Downloads section in the Member Center. Log in with your e-mail address and password (click 'forgot your password' if necessary). Once you have logged in, click the Downloads tab and select eBahn Reader (Stand-alone). There is a .EXE icon there for you to click on. When given the option to Save or Open, you will want to Save it to your desktop and double-click the new Install eBahn Reader icon on your desktop to install.

If the file does not say .exe at the end after downloading it, right-click the icon and choose Rename. Put your cursor at the end and type .exe so that the file name is Install-eBahn-Reader.exe

After you get the new eBahn Reader Stand Alone installed, try running the Updates > Check for Updates again.

When I open the eBahn Reader I get a message "eBahn has encountered an error and needs to close". What do I do?

This error seems to occur in versions of eBahn 3 below version You should download and install the current version of the eBahn Desktop executable. You can see step-by-step instructions on how to do this here.

When I click on the eBahn Reader icon, I get a message stating "Run-time error '94' Invalid use of null:". What do I do?

This error seems to occur in versions of eBahn 3 below version You should download and install the current version of the eBahn Desktop executable. You can see step-by-step instructions on how to do this here.

I don't see my car/engine covered on the page I'm looking at, instead I see information on another car/engine. Did you include the wrong vehicle?

Try scrolling through the document. In many cases, technical data sections include multiple vehicle models within the same document. This can also be true for sections like the Fluid Capacity Charts and some Maintenance Schedules. If you don't see your vehicle on the first page of the document, try scrolling, or better yet flip through the pages using the eBahn Technical Document Toolbar.

My current email address is different than what eBahn Desktop thinks it is, but it won't let me change it. How can I update eBahn Desktop to recognize my current email address?

In order to update eBahn Desktop with your new email address, you need to do two things:

1. Update the email address on your account

  • go to the Member Center (https://www.bentleypublishers.com/membercenter)
  • click the 'Account' tab
  • change your email address in the 'Login Information' box
  • click 'Save Changes'. (This will log you out of the Member Center. You do not need to log back in to perform the next step.)

2. Update eBahn Desktop's Profile information

  • open eBahn Desktop
  • click 'License Manager' in the top menu
  • select 'Profile'
  • When asked if your computer is online, choose 'Yes'.
  • Click 'Next' (The next three pages will display the new information)


  • Your computer will need to be online to perform the second task.
  • Please update your existing profile with your new information rather than creating a new profile.

Software and Hardware Compatibility

What are the minimum system requirements?

The software loads all contents onto the hard drive. The minimum system requirements are:

  • PC with DVD drive
  • Intel® Pentium® 4 processor or higher
  • Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 2 or Windows® XP
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Microsoft® Internet Explorer 6 or higher
  • Up to 600 MB of available hard disk space (700 MB recommended)
Is Microsoft Vista supported?

A Windows Vista compatible installer for eBahn Reader is now available:

Install eBahn Reader for Vista

Please Note:

  • During the installation you will be prompted to install a web browser plugin called "DjVu."  You will need to install this component in order to view wiring diagrams, technical bulletins, maintenance schedules and other repair information.
  • eBahn Reader currently needs to be "Run as Administrator" on Vista. If you are prompted to allow this, please click the "Continue" option.
  • We welcome feedback from Vista users and testers. We expect to continue testing and debugging the Vista version over the second half of 2007.
Will the eBahn for Vista upgrade cost anything?

For registered users (with valid email addresses), eBahn Version 3 software upgrades are made available by download without charge, You can access this either through Check For Updates or through the Download Center. Media kits with new software will also be available for our standard media kit fee of $3.00 plus shipping.

What about support for eBahn 1. and eBahn 2.0?

eBahn 2 will not be supported on Vista. The development of eBahn version 2 ended at end of 2004 and version 2 will not be supported after 2007. eBahn version 1 pre-dates Windows XP and is not supported on any systems at this point. Both eBahn version 1 and version 2 can be upgraded to eBahn 3 for $20.00 (by download, media kit sold separately for $3.00 plus $6.95 shipping in the USA). See /ebahn/v3/upgrade.htm for more details.

Can I use eBahn Desktop on a Mac?

Currently, Mac computers are not supported.

Why can't I get eBahn to run when I am running Norton AntiVirus 2007?

As of February 1, 2007, we have discovered a bug that is affecting a small percentage of our eBahn users stemming from an apparent incompatibility between eBahn and Norton AntiVirus 2007. This bug, which affects some users that are already running Norton AntiVirus 2007, seems to show users a blank screen when they run their eBahn program. Our developers are working on the problem and we'll announce a fix for it here as soon as we have it. In the meantime, we advise that users that have Norton AntiVirus 2007 and eBahn installed should turn off Norton while they're running the eBahn Reader.

Upgrading to eBahn® Desktop Version 3.x

How do I upgrade an eBahn product?

Quick online upgrades are available at through the Member Center. To upgrade your eBahn® Desktop manual, you have to upgrade your repair manual content, eBahn® Reader and eBahn® License. If you have your older eBahn® Desktop CD-ROMs already registered to your BentleyPublishers.com Member Center Profile, all you have to do is follow the onscreen instructions to upgrade. In most cases, online upgrades can take just a few minutes.

If you have a version 1 eBahn® manual, you will be required to return your original CD-ROM (including original packaging) to us, along with an eBahn® 3.x Upgrade Form.

Complete information on the eBahn® upgrade process is available at https://www.bentleypublishers.com/membercenter/ebahn-upgrade.

What will an eBahn upgrade cost?

eBahn® License upgrades cost $20.00 each. The eBahn repair manual content is available through a free download in the Member Center or on an eBahn Desktop DVD. These eBahn Desktop DVDs cost $3.00, plus $6.95 shipping and handling, per brand (you will only need one Media Kit if you have multiple upgrades within a brand). Shipping and handling for the DVD Media Kit to the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and US Virgin Islands will cost $6.95. All other shipments will be charged at cost (we will notify you).

When will my credit card be charged for the upgrade?

If you're upgrading online, you are charged at the time of the transaction. If you are sending in your CD-ROM, we will verify that everything you have returned matches everything you entered on your upgrade form and charge you at that time.

When and how will I receive my new eBahn 3 license serial numbers?

Your eBahn 3 license serial numbers will be automatically generated at the very end of the upgrade process, after your credit card has successfully been charged. At that time, we will send your serial numbers to you via email. Also, the serial numbers will be automatically registered to your profile, so that you will be able to see them in the BentleyPublishers.com Member Center under the 'My Products' tab.

(See How can I tell what I already have registered to my profile?)

Who is eligible for eBahn upgrades?

You are eligible for product upgrade your old eBahn CD-ROM if:

  • you are a registered member of BentleyPublishers.com (have a profile)
  • the product you are upgrading is registered to you
  • the product you are upgrading has an eBahn 3 equivalent
How do I register as a member of BentleyPublishers.com?

Click on the Member Center link at the top of any Bentley Publishers page. You'll be prompted to enter your email address and to select a password to use. Once you've entered the Member Center, you can edit your shipping and billing addresses, communication preferences, download and upgrade eBahn products and post to the Technical Forums.

What will it cost me to register as a member of BentleyPublishers.com?

Nothing. BentleyPublishers.com membership is free.

How can I tell what I already have registered to my profile?

You can view all of the products currently registered to your profile in the Member Center. Here's how:

  1. login to the BentleyPublishers.com Member Center: https://www.bentleypublishers.com/membercenter/
  2. click the 'Products' tab
  3. if it is not already selected, click 'Registered Products' in the sub-navigation bar

The direct link to a list of your registered products is: https://www.bentleypublishers.com/membercenter/showEbahnRegistrations.jsp

How do I register an eBahn product to my profile?

Here are step-by-step procedures on registering your eBahn product to your profile:

  1. login to the BentleyPublishers.com Member Center: https://www.bentleypublishers.com/membercenter/
  2. click the 'Products' tab
  3. 'Add Product Registration'will be the first section on this page
  4. enter your eBahn product's serial number
  5. click 'Register Now'

The direct link to product registration is: https://www.bentleypublishers.com/membercenter/addRegistration.jsp.

If the serial number you entered during product registration is for eBahn version 1:

  1. enter Bentley Stock Number
  2. click 'Submit'

If the serial number you entered is for eBahn version 2 and it says that it is already registered to another account, you will have the opportunity to prove that you are the owner of this product by providing the email address and password to which the product is currently registered.

If you cannot remember or do not know what the other account information is, you can prove ownership by mailing your old CD-ROM product back to us at:

Bentley Publishers
ATTN: Product Registration
1734 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA 02138

If the serial number you entered is for eBahn version 3, both of the serial numbers for that license will be registered to you.

What will it cost to register a product to my profile?

Nothing. Product registration is free.

Software Support Team:

1.617.547.4170 (International)

9.00am - 6.00pm Mon - Thurs (US Eastern Time)
9.00am - 5.00pm Friday


1.617.492.1586 (24 Hours)

Send us comments or feedback:

If you have a bug to report, please include as much detail about your problem as possible.

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