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eBahn® Desktop

eBahn® Desktop repair manuals offer users a convenient way to view a wide variety of technical automotive repair information on their PC. From repair procedures to Diagnostic Trouble Codes, eBahn® Desktop repair manuals enable its users to easily access service and repair information that vehicle manufacturers supply to their dealer technicians.

eBahn® Desktop Version 3 includes:

Repair manual pages

Repair Procedure
Audi TT: 2000-2006

eBahn® Desktop Version 3 -

System Requirements


What vehicles are covered?

New Repair Information

Car manufacturers are constantly adding and updating repair information for their vehicles, both for current and older models. In addition to the comprehensive repair procedures, (pictured above) Version 3 of eBahn® Desktop also includes:

Component Locations

Component Location
Audi TT: 2000-2006

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New software tools

With the new Version 3 of eBahn® Desktop, we've added and enhanced several software tools that will enable direct and easy access to the repair information.

DTC Xpress

DTC Xpress™
Volkswagen Touareg: 2000-2004

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New eBahn® License Flexibility

With Version 3.0, each eBahn® license now contains two serial numbers. You only need one of them to activate the content though. The second one you can use as a backup or on a second computer.

Learn more about eBahn® Desktop licensing and activation or read the License Agreement

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What's Available for eBahn® Desktop?

Bentley Publishers currently offers many Volkswagen and Audi Repair Manuals published for eBahn® Desktop, covering a wide variety of models.

Available Volkswagen Repair Manuals on DVD
Available Audi Repair Manuals DVD

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System Requirements

eBahn® Reader and eBahn® Content Packs are compatible only with Windows® 2000 with Service Pack 2 and higher or Windows XP. At this time, we do not support Macs. For more detailed system requirements, click here. Compatibility with MS Vista is still in development and is is not yet 100% complete.

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"The Bentley manuals are worth having, even for the car owner who never intends to perform major repairs. Anyone can learn from them."

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