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Chevrolet by the Numbers: 1955-59

The Essential Chevrolet Parts Reference

by Alan L. Colvin

Softcover, 8 3/8 in. x 11 in.
240 pages
474 photos/illustrations
GM Part No. 12366584
ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-0875-4
Price: $64.95

How to identify and verify V-8 drivetrain parts for small and big blocks on Chevrolet passenger cars from 1955-1959, including:

  • Series 150
  • Bel Air
  • Corvette
  • Series 210
  • El Camino
  • Impala

Based extensively upon original source materials from Chevrolet Archives

Chevrolet by the Numbers is the only authoritative reference for identifying and verifying the correct Chevrolet parts, by casting number, for your exact model.

  • Restoring your Chevrolet to original factory specifications? You'll find the casting numbers that correspond to your car's Vehicle Identification Number. With this correct information you will avoid buying - and being sold - the wrong parts.
  • Buying a Chevrolet that has been restored? These numbers will help you determine whether or not the car has been authentically restored, and whether it's a smart investment.
  • Searching for factory high-performance parts at swap meets? Chevrolet by the Numbers tells you which parts to look for, why they are special, and which engines those parts came with.

Other books rely on secondhand information or out-of-date part numbers. Author Alan Colvin documented every casting number for every Chevrolet V-8 engine and drivetrain part from 1955 through 1975, using original source material in Chevrolet's archives, including engineering blueprints, technical service bulletins, and build sheets. He interviewed the original manufacturers and engineers and brings you fascinating stories of parts development from behind the factory gates. Most of this information has never before been seen in public.

Engines covered:

  • 265
  • 283
  • 348

If you absolutely want to know the original part numbers for your Chevrolet drivetrain - not just what interchanges or fits - but the correct part that came with your car when it rolled off the assembly line - Chevrolet By The Numbers has the answer.

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Fig. 3-2.
Casting number (top) and casting date (bottom) adjacent to or to the right on the rear bellhousing flange, for block #3703524. The casting date reads C75, which decodes as March 7, 1955. See block listing for more information on this block.
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Fig. 16-4.
First design positraction "No X" case. Note L136 casting date (December 13, 1956).

Summary of changes to this edition

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Reader Response Form

Are you having trouble identifying a part on your car? Is there a part on your car that you believe is original, but its casting number is not listed in this book? Are there codes that you don't understand? Are you interested in the national trim validation service mentioned in Chapter 1? If so, print the PDF of our reader response form, fill it out, noting where your question or comment is, and mail or fax it to the author at the address listed. Help make this book the best reference it can be.


Chevy by the Numbers: 55-59
Chevy by the Numbers: 55-59
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