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British Sports Car Companion

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British Sports Car Companion

by John Nikas

ISBN-13: 978-0-8376-1768-8
Price: TBA

Comprehensive guide to buying, maintaining, and enjoying
vintage British sports cars

Coverage Includes:

  • Austin Healey
  • Jaguar
  • Jensen-Healey
  • Jensen
  • MG
  • Mini Cooper
  • Morgan
  • Swallow
  • Sunbeam
  • Triumph

The British Sports Car Companion combines detailed profiles, insightful commentary, and seat-of-the-pants driving impressions from accomplished automotive historian and race car driver John Nikas. Also included is sensible ownership and buying guidance from Reid Trummel, Andy Reid, and Matt Tompkins from Practical Classics in the United Kingdom, not to mention expert technical contributions from noted British sports car icons including Joe Curto, John Twist, Allen Hendrix and the staff at Moss Motors.

This landmark work is a comprehensive guide to buying, maintaining, modifying, and caring for your British sports car. Each chapter is accompanied by a beautiful cutaway illustration of each featured car and detailed technical illustrations from artist David Townsend, plus breathtaking images from internationally renowned photographers Marc Vorgers and John Goodman.

Covering every postwar sports car from Austin-Healey, Jaguar, Jensen, Jensen-Healey, MG, Mini Cooper, Morgan, Swallow and Sunbeam, each chapter delivers unique perspectives on the history and development of each marque as well as information about the men who built these seminal cars and the era in which they built them.

Nikas offers honest assessments from a 21st Century perspective on drivability, comfort, style, performance, and value, offering a balanced view of the merits and shortcomings of each car. Inspection guides walk you through what to look for when buying one of these iconic sports cars. Real world labor estimates detail what it might take to affect a typical repair. The competition record for each model lets you know how it faired in SCCA and international competition.

Technical chapters detail maintenance, fault finding, repair and modification of electrical systems, carburetors, brakes, cooling systems, drivetrains, engines, fasteners, lubrication, leak prevention, steering and suspension, wheel and tires, tuneup procedures and special issues affecting British sports cars in the modern world.

Additional chapters provide practical information and guidance on improvements, modifications and competition preparations for the Big Healeys, Jaguar, MG T-series cars, A, B, and C-series BMC motors,Triumph TR four and six-cylinder motors, Spitfires and modern British power-plants including Triumph TR7, TR8, Stag, Jensen Interceptor and Jensen-Healey.

The British Sports Car Companion is a rousing tribute to the post-war British sports car industry and those who helped shape it. If you can only have one book on British sports cars in your library this is the one you need.

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Author John Nikas behind the wheel
Jaguar XK140 DHC detail photo by Marc Vorgers
Jaguar XK140 DHC detail photo by Marc Vorgers
Jaguar E-Type engine illustration by DCTownsend
Jaguar E-Type engine illustration by DCTownsend
Morgan +4 photo by Marc Vorgers
Morgan +4 photo by Marc Vorgers
Triumph GT6 engine bay photo by Marc Vorgers
Triumph GT6 engine bay photo by Marc Vorgers

click to enlarge, and for longer caption if available
Austin-Healey 100-six illustration by DCTownsend

This comprehensive reference book includes:

  • Full-color photos and illustrations of each model
  • Marque histories
  • Model development profiles
  • Production specifications
  • Driving impressions
  • Competition record
  • Buyer's inspection guides
  • Technical advice and troubleshooting
  • Improvements and modifications
  • Tuning data
  • Torque specs
  • Flat-rate labor estimates
  • Vintage racing preparation

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