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Today's heavy traffic places extreme demands on the driver's powers of attention and concentration. Modern electronics though make a variety of contributions towards increasing driving safety, and relieve the driver of assignments which would otherwise divert his/her attention from the surrounding traffic.

Active road-safety systems (ABS, TCS and ESP) help to prevent accidents. Passive occupant-safety systems (e.g. airbags) not only reduce the danger of injury but also reduce the severity of the consequences of an accident. Information and navigation systems prevent the driver getting lost, and by means of automatic route selection guide the driver to his/her destination. And parking systems are a valuable aid when parking and maneuvering.

Sophisticated theft-deterrent systems reliably safeguard the vehicle against intrusion and unauthorized use.

Litronic headlamps, combined with automatic headlight leveling control and washwipe systems ensure maximum headlamp range and an optically perfect light pattern.

Comfort and convenience systems keep the driver's level of fatigue down to a minimum. Electronics take over such adjustments which have to be carried out continually, and thus relieve the driver of strain by providing him/her with comfortable surroundings and a stress-free environment. The priority-administration concept known as ?Cartronic? for the future networking of these individual systems to form an overall system is already available.

In this manual, we will inform you about the safety, comfort, and convenience systems incorporated in a modern-day vehicle, and about their function.

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