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The demands placed on the electrical power supply in automobiles are continually increasing. Powerful starter motors, complex control systems and growing numbers of instruments, electrically driven mechanisms and devices are the power consumers in modern mobiles.

Electrical systems, batteries and alternators are faced with ever greater and more extensive challenges including:

  • high power demand at extreme temperatures (e.g. for heating windshield, vehicle interior and seats, for air-conditioning systems, fans, lights, etc.)
  • high load capacity at low engine speeds (e.g. in urban driving conditions)
  • reliable supply of power to all important control systems for engine management (e.g.Motronic or EDC) and electronic safety and convenience systems (e.g. Litronic, ABS, traction control, ESP, ACC, etc.) even in difficult circumstances, and
  • trouble-free operation even when regularly subjected to high loads (e.g. frequent short journeys)

The battery and its ?power plant?, the alternator, are the fundamental requirement for easy motoring ? a fact that is all too often overlooked. The reliable functioning of those essential components ?in the background? is not a given fact but the result of consistent and innovative development of the technology.

This booklet explains how various types of battery work, how conventional and future vehicle electrical systems are designed and wired, and many other technical characteristics of these indispensable items of automotive equipment.

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